if you can work from anywhere, why not pelion?

Whether you’re a travel addict, a digital nomad or an entrepreneur working remotely and looking for a change of pace, Pelion Homes can provide an idyllic haven for your modern work and personal life balance.

Pelion is a paradise for remote workers and digital nomads. We have a selection of villa locations around Pelion, high-speed internet and creative workspaces to choose from.

We already have a community of global nomads passing through and coming back to connect with our growing community. So why not be part of this? Also, with the new Greek digital nomad visa and tax break, there’s nothing to hold you back. It’s time to go off-grid and reconnect to what matters! Check out a full Digital Nomads Visa Guide here.

Working remote in Pelion Greece
Working remote in Pelion Greece

What does Pelion offer Remote Workers & Digital Nomads?

Visiting and living at Pelion Homes provides all of our guests the chance to connect with like-minded people, plus plenty of inspiration, balance and energy from the surrounding nature. 

+ Be Part Of A Growing Community 
In Pelion, there is a growing community for digital nomads, travellers, creatives, bloggers, wellness and outdoor lovers finding each other and becoming part of a tribe.

+ Amazing & Nutritious Affordable Food
Prices in Pelion & Greece in general are very reasonable, which makes eating out and cooking at home very affordable. You’ll also be able to source amazingly fresh farm-to-table ingredients from the locals and at the markets.

+ Stunning Lush Forest & Beaches To Explore
Pelion is a paradise and re-known for its lush mountainside vegetation and crystal blue waters, quite often you’ll find yourself walking on a beach and be completely undisturbed and in your own space. Not to forget the traditional villages that are dotted around the region full of cafes, shops, tavernas and restaurants. 

+ A Developing Start-Up Scene
The potential is in your grasp. People are discovering Pelion and embracing the fact that they can work here for themselves. Now is the perfect time to be part of this growing scene!

Stay Connected & Creative In Nature

Contact for more information about working remotely in Pelion.

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