Yoga Science | September 2023

MAN & COSMOS - 3 Day Retreat

22.09.23 – 25.09.23

The image of Spirit inside creation – The divine spark inside matter.

Yoga Science at Pelion Homes

Yoga Science teaches the Sacred Art of Life, through Simplicity, Purity & Authenticity.

Yoga Science teaches the Sacred Art of Life, through Simplicity, Purity and Authenticity.

Studying the phenomena, the essence is revealed.

Yoga, Science and Art bring in correspondence what is below with what is above, what is inside with what is outside, the microcosm with the macrocosm, through the conscious observation of what Is behind what is seen. It is the same movement, the dive into the unknown, the boldness for external and internal exploration in order to reveal the unseen.

With the radiance of the Self that emerges from within we are becoming witnesses of the magic that unfolds all around us.

Retreat Information

Through a years-long course, building on the cooperation and trust with the team of Pelion Homes Retreat Centre, we are organising the Yoga Science Retreat this year during September 22 – 25, 2023.


    • The hosts speak: English & Greek.
    • The maximum capacity is 30 participants.


As usual accommodation will be at the beautiful Pelion Homes Villas.  Shared for 3-7 guests per villa depending on size and availability. Some have private pools. 

  • Twin Room: Choose to stay in a twin room with shared bathroom facilities
  • Single Room with shared bathroom: Enjoy a spacious single room for your privacy with shared villa bathroom facilities
  • Single Room with ensuite bathroom: Looking for a little more privacy? Choose our most luxurious accommodation option with a king-sized bed and private ensuite bathroom.


This retreat is hosted by Yoga Science
For more information, prices and to reserve your place please contact


We are truly grateful for the chance to be able to offer farm-to-table produce from the retreat centre and also using locally sourced ingredients. Our food is made with love and those of you who have shared a meal with us will appreciate the tastes and transformational power of a plant-based, organic, whole food nutrition first hand. Healthier living and building the foundation of any healing journey.

When the food is prepared with devotion and is offered with love, using the purest ingredients with the most beneficial combinations, then the body obtains balanced flow of energy and the mind becomes tranquil with clarity. Every internal movement or external action expresses the Love that I Am.The way we feed ourselves contributes to our transformation.
Yoga Science retreat at Pelion Homes

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