Wellbeing retreat in Pelion | May 2024


11.05.24 - 15.05.24

Hosted by Niki, Nathalie, Michele & Marcus. Reflect, learn, restore.

'Mediterranean 4 night retreat in Greece!'

A perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself, rest your body and mind, learn more about you, connect with amazing people, and all that is idyllic in a village on Mount Pelion.
The Pelion mountains are filled with legends and myths from ancient Greek history. So whilst you’re here surrounded by nature and accompanied by the amazing local food, bright sun and gorgeous sea views we’ll bring some of this history alive!

We pride ourselves on offering this boutique retreat experience to a small group of 12 people with 4 facilitators, to enhance your bespoke experience.

This retreat is the ultimate experience if you are looking to gain energy, have some quiet time away from the day-to-day noise, restore the balance in your body and mind and share great food whilst connecting with others.

This is for you:

  • If you actively hold space for other people in their day-to-day lives.
  • If you would like to find ways to switch off and be present.
  • If you feel now is the time to go deep recharge and let go.
  • If you’re ready to make the next step towards personal and/ or professional growth.
  • If you feel that experiencing this place and space is the gift you need now!


We are a team of 4 experienced facilitators/coaches, and we are committed to making this an extraordinary experience for you.

What will you be experiencing:

Time to connect and share your story to inspire others.
Uncovering and exploring your values to rediscover what is truly important to you, so that you can step closer to a more fulfilling life.
Exploring self reflection-how creativity and play can help us discover who we are. Cultivating a relationship with ourselves in service of our mental health.

Walking in nature, accompanied by breath work and silent meditation to reconnect and restore. Group dance sessions. One-to-one or small group coaching on demand. Plenty of free time. Great food cooked and served fresh daily.



Having spent years in education supporting children’s learning both in Greece and UK, Niki made the decision to progress her career within the wellbeing sector, when in 2015 she embarked on a journey to become a life coach.

Since then she has coached hundreds of people from different backgrounds and  places in the world and supported them on their journey of self -exploration and growth at a personal and professional level.She is  a coach, mentor and supervisor for one of UK’s leading coaching schools and her biggest passion is to help people reach their full potential from a  place of authenticity and with a growth mindset.

Trained in many different modalities,such as positive psychology, mindfulness coaching etc,  she brings an array of tools and techniques to assist her work with her clients, always in tune to her own intuition and personal experience, facilitating a thinking and supportive space for others to grow. She now  lives in Greece with her husband,  two children and her little cat.


With a 20-year professional background in corporate communications and events, Nathalie fully understands the daily pressure of the corporate world to meet deadlines and reach targets to the point of neglecting her own needs.

Nathalie is passionate about health and wellbeing. She works as a coach, mentor and supervisor, and her approach is holistic, incorporating other disciplines such as Reiki, Meditation or Mindfulness and Systemic coaching with constellations.

Bringing her whole background and knowledge along with her relaxing persona and natural intuition, she believes in the power of how our relationship with our inner self shapes our outer world.


Michele is a coach, supervisor and mentor, who enjoys bringing the element of play, humour and¬†creativity into all that she does. In her humble opinion….‚ÄôAs children we used play and creativity to learn,¬†and navigate our world.

She values the intimacy and variety that small groups can bring, and holds space to grow connection and support, so we can see ourselves, our actions and how they impact our way of being. As a reflective practitioner Michele invites self-inquiry, pausing and examining, to bring in fresh eyes to challenge ourselves.

Michele loves 1-2-1 sessions, however ‚Äė…you can‚Äôt beat the stretch we can offer one another when we¬†are in groups‚Äô. The way we stimulate each other to expand and think differently as well as the opportunity¬†to hear other people‚Äôs happiness for you, and you for them, this is an important part of human learning.


Marcus is an experienced coach, supervisor and facilitator, who brings every part of himself to the space he creates when partnering with individuals and groups.

With a calm and very open style, Marcus puts people at ease with his warmth, authenticity and supportive approach, and is a bringer of fun and laughter. His willingness to allow his own vulnerability to show up in the space helps others to open up and be more authentic.

In his coaching practice, Marcus loves helping people to remember who they truly are and what it is that feels meaningful to them, and to open up worlds of possibilities for a more fulfilling life ahead.


  • All workshops & practices.
  • Accommodation 4 nights at The Mansion.
  • 2 Full Meals (Brunch, Dinner) Plus nuts, fruits, local tea & Greek coffee available throughout the day
  • Minibus pickup from Thessaloniki Airport to hotel and return journey
    • What’s NOT Included
    • Flights
    • Massages/treatments
    • Excursion expenses incurred outside of group transportation.


Standard Rates;

A 30% deposit is needed to secure your spot.

  • ‚ā¨1350 Twin room (shared occupancy)
  • ‚ā¨1495 Private room (single occupancy)
Limited spaces available for the early bird rates;
  • ‚ā¨1230 Twin room (shared occupancy)
  • ‚ā¨1375 Private room (single occupancy)


Meals are prepared and made with love by ‘Pelion Homes and Retreat’ chef’s. All ingredients are handpicked, using seasonal and locally sourced farm-to-table ingredients. The retreat centre has its own organic vegetable garden.

Any dietary preferences/requirements can be discussed after registering your interest.


We will be staying at the beautiful and historic Mansion property. Nestled amongst idyllic nature, it is a stunning retreat location led by a dedicated team to support your experience. 


The retreat space offers a large spacious terrace, swimming pool and panoramic views overlooking the mountain and sea. Prepare for a sublime experience in Pelion.


A perfect corner of Greece. This Wellness Retreat will be hosted in the mythical region of Pelion. This paradise is tucked away in the Pagasitikos Gulf in eastern Greece. It is situated on the western side of Mount Pelion and around the village of Agios Georgios Nilias. The whole area is very lush and green, relatively untouched and characterized by sweeping mountain vistas, forests, enchanting villages and hideaway beaches.


The Pelion Peninsula is steeped in mythology. Mount Pelion took its name from the mythical king Peleus, father of Achilles, and the forested hills were the homeland of Centaurs, the mythical creatures half-men and half-horse. Pelion is dotted with monasteries and some still thriving.


If you would like to chat to us, find out more, or join us in May 2024, please complete the contact form by clicking the button below, or send us an email at pelionretreats4u@gmail.com and we will be in touch asap. Alternatively, you can call Niki on the following; +0030 6986 570979.

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