Water Fasting Detox Retreat | July 2023

'WATER FASTING Detox Retreat'

"Imagine if you could get away and be in a beautiful and peaceful environment to experience the wonderful intensity of a safe Water Cleansing Journey. "

16.07.23 - 21.07.23

With Violetta Anestopoulou & Paulina Olszewska.

An opportunity to cleanse and restore Mind, Body, Spirit.

It is with great pleasure and Violetta’s dream to bring these transformative cleansing retreats from Central America to Europe and there wouldn’t be a better place than her home country Greece and Pelion Homes.

We invite you to a 5 night transformative Water Cleansing Detox Journey which has been curated in a way not only to help you cleanse your body from toxins, but for any toxic beliefs, conditioning and suppressed emotions to begin to flow out of the body, like water moves in the rivers and clears out the earth’s meridians. The more you clear this type of clutter the more you will be able to make space to see, to hear and discover the deepest layers of yourself.

Together we will sit in a sacred ceremonial circle where we are going to open, create and hold a beautiful container, a Journey. We call it a Journey because it is really a journey and not a usual detox. Every day both the physical and energetic bodies will be diving into deeper cleansing and through a comprehensive set of healing modalities and therapies we will go through the detoxification process with ease, experiencing a holistic approach into wellness.

This is an opportunity for you to give permission to yourself to really let it all out without worrying about the stresses of daily life. It is an ”all in” experience for soul exploration, receiving and learning knowledge and tools that you can keep with you on your path of self-healing.

Restoring the body and the sacredness of our beings.

Fasting involves a radical change in cellular physiology and metabolism and great many amazing things happen in the body during fasting. A few important processes that the body will go through in this journey are:

  • Ketosis & fat burning
  • A process called autophagy growth
  • Hormone rise insulin level normalisation
  • Immune cell regeneration

The Location

The location for this deep inner journey is in the most lush part of Greece, Pelion. Where the power of the mountains filled with vegetation from olive and pines to apple orchards. Here, at the Pelion Homes Retreat Centre you will feel you are entering an energy vortex, that will inevitably deeply touch your soul.

Thanks to the vibrant natural elements, the historical heritage, and the numerous of hidden gems such as waterfalls and streams his place is highly energetically charged and it forms the best container for our retreat.


Violetta Anestopoulou Retreat Leader / Water advocate / 200hr Detoxification Specialist.

Throughout her life Violetta as a professional athlete has experimented with and studied numerous ‚Äúdiets‚ÄĚ and methods of eating and fasting. Her devotion to water fasting revealed a clearer conversation about how water can heal the body, and how it changed mood, energy, and mental stability. She discovered that by connecting water, body, and emotion around the Moon Cycles, one can balance the whole system, and from there, Water Fasting Journeys in retreat scale and online took shape. She has also created a Water Fasting Online Course. Violetta in her journey managed to reverse her own conditions of a DNA mutation, high cholesterol, varicose veins, period regulation, headaches, irregular bowel function, IBS and skin conditions within the first 3 months of her water fasting. She has now completed 40 water fasting journeys in the last 2 years and she will be supporting you with educational workshops, meditations & breathwork, ice baths, body cupping, art work and detox practices. Offering during the retreat 1:1 coaching/support and abdominal massages.

Paulina Luna Lioness –¬†Yoga / Rebirthing Breathwork / Movement / Sound Healing / Thai Massage

Paulina is a sacred circle and ceremonial healing facilitator. A Passionate Yogini and Teacher of the Yogic Path ✧ Detox & Holistic Nutritionist Guide ✧ Rebirthing Breathwork and Dance Movement Facilitator ✧ Sound Healing Alchemist ✧Thai Massage and Embodiment Practitioner ✧ Medicine Woman ✧

Paulina’s holistic health journey began at the tender age of 17 when she left home and embarked on a quest around the world for 13 years. Her path lead her to develop a profound passion for learning and embodying all facets of optimal health and wellbeing. Studying with some of the best teachers, shamans, and medicine men and women around the world.

Her own struggles with health lead her to immersing herself in the yogic path under the foothills of the Himalayans Mountains, to studying plants and herbs with the indigenous whilst experimenting with numerous diets and cleanses to purify the body, to reaching new highs of consciousness through shamanic breathwork and sound resonance. She is committed and passionate about sharing her teachings to inspire others to find your own inner healer within.

Paulina is known for her genuine heart, non-judgmental and compassionate teaching style. As she weaves thought and heart provoking words into her classes and meditations to ignite emotion and authentic expression. Her soul calling is to hold a grounded safe container for others to deepen their connection to self through the vibration of love, so that we may become clearer channels to give and receive love and return to our wild essence


In this essential Journey away from everyday life, we will connect with nature while we aim for a Holistic Self-Healing approach with cleansing practices, therapies and workshops such us:

  • Holistic Health Workshop
  • Daily Kangen Water, Fulvic Acid, Electrolytes, Wild Turmeric
  • Organic Vegetable Juices & Ayurvedic Recipes
  • Daily Meditations, Yoga & Movement
  • Daily Sound Healing – Breathwork
  • Daily Detox Practices & Enemas
  • 2 Ice Baths & Body Cupping
  • 4 Days Traditional Mayan Temazcal (the 1st one ever in Greece)
  • Art and Dance Therapy
  • Skin Cacao Scrubs
  • Beach Breaks
  • Goody Bag (tongue scrape, body brush, palo santo bundle, notebook, pen, essential oils)


  • Abdominal massage with Violetta: 80 EUR pp
  • Deep Compression Thai Massage with Paulina: 80 EUR pp
  • Hiking Waterfall Adventure: 40 EUR pp


  • The organiser‚Äôs speak: English & Greek.
  • The maximum participants for the group is 14 Suitable for all levels


  • Flights to and from Greece
  • Shuttle to Volos (we can support arranging)


  • Will be at the beautiful¬†PELION HOMES¬†Villas. Shared for 3-7 guests per villa depending on size and availability. Some have private pools.¬†
  • Twin Room: Choose to stay in a twin room with shared bathroom facilities
  • Single Room with shared bathroom: Enjoy a spacious single room for your privacy with shared villa bathroom facilities
  • Single Room with ensuite bathroom: Looking for a little more privacy? Choose our most luxurious accommodation option with a king-sized bed and private ensuite bathroom.


To reserve your place please and to find out more information please visit;  
Paulina | Facebook | Instagram


In this journey when we are ready to take food back into our bodies, we do it with great awareness. The way we break the fast is extremely important and it’s been taking very seriously. We will provide organic vegetable juices for liver detox and Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory recipes aligned with the purpose of this cleansing journey. Most of our food will come directly from the surrounding farms in Pelion Homes or locally sourced fresh ingredients from the retreat centre’s farm and garden.

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