Sungalaa | October 2023


With Shiv Charan Singh and Sohan Kaur

Deepen your practice of meditation, clarify the relationship between you and your mind, and explore the basic nature and dynamics of the mind. 

28.09.23 – 03.10.23

Please note: All participants attending the training course must arrive on the day before 27.09. The training will commence at 05:30 am on 28.09.

The Location

Pelion Homes Retreat Centre. Agios Georgios Nilias is a beautiful and green traditional village on the slopes of the Western Pelion, 22 km from Volos, between the Pagasitikos Gulf and the Aegean Sea, at a distance of 20′-30 ‘from the nearest beaches and near the village of Milies.


Shiv Charan Singh:

An unassuming and authentic spiritual teacher, Scottish by birth, is the founding director of the International Karam Kriya School (1996).

Karam Kriya means ‘Total action through which our karma is brought to completion through the application of spiritual consciousness guided by the intelligence of numbers’. Through the philosophy and practice of Karam Kriya, Shiv Charan Singh is deeply committed to guiding students in their spiritual growth, so they can bring spiritual awareness into their everyday lives and develop their full potential as human beings – to become the best they can be.

In his youth, Shiv Charan Singh had a number of nearly fatal incidents. These near-death experiences gave him an intimate knowledge of the process of living and dying that we all seek to understand. As an adolescent he experienced full Kundalini rising, a term used to describe profound spiritual awakening. Since his mid-twenties, he began studying Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma with Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, the religious leader and founder of Sikh Dharma in the West.

Sohan Kaur:

Co-founder and director of SunGalaa (Educational Institute for Yoga and Good Life), is a well-known kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer of Level 1, Level 2 and 21 Stages of Meditation.
As a Karam Kriya trainer, Hypno Therapist, and counsellor, she invites to re-establish an authentic connection with the guiding true Self inside. This powerful and healing experience is the reminder that all we search outside already awaits us inside – ready to unfold and blossom. 
Karam Kriya, the applied science of numerology, guide her in all consultations like a backbone.

Further techniques Sohan uses are based on the insights of Dr. Milton H. Erickson, Roy Hunter, and Dr. Bruce Eimer.
The Timeline technique and the catathymic image perception by Dr. Hans Carl Leuner are applied for all work in the field of regression, solving the effects of karma of past lives on the present which allows a future with ideal self-empowerment.

Of a Greek father, Austrian mother, raised in Germany, living in Italy, Sohan manages to bring everyone closer with a great spirit of union and understanding, beyond any cultural barrier.


Our relationship with our own mind is pivotal in effectively realizing our true nature and fulfilling our potential. Yogi Bhajan often reminded us that we come to Earth to experience our humanity and recognize the One Infinite being that creates all and which is in all. 

The greatest power is the ability to act with a Neutral Mind, to use intuition along with applied intelligence and to lean on the Infinite through the sacred science known as prayer.

Mind & Meditation Training is open to ALL meditators from any schools and tradition.

Sungalaa at Pelion Homes


Enhance the depth of your understanding of meditation and experience deep meditations on the nine aspects of the mind.

Focus on your relationship with your own mind.

Increase your ability to observe neutrally, to become still, to clear your mind of distractions and intrigues, to recognize when you establish a state of shuniya, and to recognise the different functional parts of your mind.

Experience and practice the use of intuition as a primary skill of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Learn the structure of the mind and examine the impersonal minds, the qualities of the mind, and the nine aspects of the mind.

Understand how to use the 27 projections of the mind.

Be able to use the functional minds with fluency, understand the influence of the impersonal minds, cultivate shuniya and apply intuition and intelligence with ease and flexibility.

Conquer your mind and conquer the world. 

Come into a relationship with your mind and the Self which transcends time and space and relates to the oneness of your identity with Infinity. Become one with the One.


I commit to refining my meditative capacity. 

I invite my mind into my conscious presence, investigate its nature, and learn to master it so that it serves my consciousness and my soul. 

I will follow the road map laid out by Yogi Bhajan to recognise and develop the many parts of my mind. 

I integrate and apply functional minds to my daily habits and behaviours so that I develop a clear, intuitive, and effective mind. 

To conquer my mind is to cultivate a relationship to its actions and an awareness of its functional parts. 

I form a relationship to my own awareness, self, mind and Infinite being. My life blossoms with unlimited blessings


All of the villas located only a few minutes walk from the retreat space. Ensuring that you have easy access each day. 
Choose from either Twin Shared Rooms, or Private Rooms depending on your budget, taste and requirements.


This retreat is hosted by Sungalaa. For more information on ‘Mind & Meditation Training’, please visit Sungalaa |


Delicious Farm-to-table mediterranean cuisine with a twist. Using locally sourced and season ingredients from the farm and from around Pelion. The kitchen team will prepare daily heartwarming meals made with the love. 

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