Self care & reset ​retreat in Pelion | July 2024


19.07.24 - 26.07.24

Hosted by Kimberly Trefilek.

'7 night self-care reset retreat in Greece!

IMAGINE going on a freakin amazing vacation…Waking up in the morning and stepping onto the balcony, overlooking the gorgeous sea…Eating delicious breakfast, followed by practices that guide you towards YOURSELF

For once putting yourself FIRST above all responsibilities. Being present with yourself, feeling your own sexy vibration…Knowing what you want instead of always doing what is expected of you.

Getting so DEEPLY CONNECTED with yourself that you are turned on by your own self. Surrounded by people who laugh and converse while tasting fruity wine and nibbling on local snacks.

Having this time to yourself where you can be free, wild and playful, sexy and in love with your body…Explore this unique opportunity to meet yourself without any rules and boundaries!


I want you to TAKE a breath, close your eyes and ASK to yourself…

When is the last time YOU did something truly for you?!

If it’s been a while… 

THEN you need to stop what you’re doing right now and sign up for my SELF-CARE RESET RETREAT IN GREECE! 

Life will always keep going, but if you’re not taking care of you there will be a time and place where you won’t be able to keep up anyway!

Yes, your job counts on you, your kids count on you & your customers count on you…

But they can’t count on you when you’re not operating FULLY AS YOU! 

If you’re not rested, connected and aligned with your truth, then you’re not giving others the BEST OF YOU!  

It’s TIME TO STEP OUT of your current reality and jump into life-changing transformation to shine your most AUTHENTIC TRUTH!



I’ve been an athlete and fitness coach for 15 years, focusing on holistic health and mindset. Throughout my training career and experience as a pro obstacle course athlete, I’ve noticed that no matter what people do physically to achieve their goals, if their mind, emotions and energy weren’t healthily aligned it would hinder their progress. Myself included. 

As a business owner and athlete, I had many demands placed upon me and I too struggled with self-criticism, stress and anxiety, disconnection and lack of balance causing me to burn out to the point where I was losing business and putting my health at risk. I had a huge wake up call and required a full reset before building my business back up in an aligned way. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to always put myself first, catering to my self-connection and honoring my needs so that I can best serve others. 

Now, I guide people through total transformations, not just physically but mentally, emotionally & energetically by helping them understand themselves on a deep level and teaching the tools to align people with their goals while honoring themselves throughout the process.  I believe we were born to live our best life as our best self, but sometimes we get lost in life’s circumstances. It is my purpose to bring people back to their truth and guide them in activating their true potential so they can truly live well in good health. 

OKSANA (Co-Facilitator)

Oksana Tsimpoaka shows people AN EASY AND EFFORTLESS way to manifest the heck they want! Be it a dream body, delicious partners, conceiving kids when impossible, becoming an artist, successful entrepreneur and all that your heart desires.

AND THAT WITHOUT making it happen! Instead All is coming to YOU without lifting a finger!

How? In this retreat she shares a simple 3 step process that is absolutely eye opening of how the 3D reality actually works and how to command miracles on the spot!

You would not want to miss it as your life is about to take a Quantum Leap!


  • 7 incredible nights spent in luxury villas with a pool. 
  • Private-in house dining including 2 meals a day: Brunch, snacks and dinner (vegetarian & vegan)
  • Fun-filled fitness classes to stay healthy, strong and vital. 
  • Yoga classes that increase flexibility, awareness and presence in your mind and body. 
  • 4 life-changing workshops on life altering topics. Expand your consciousness and experience transformational realizations.
  • Hikes in the magical mountains of Pelion to connect deep in nature. 
  • Private sailing tour with your soul tribe along the crystal blue waters of the mediterranean sea. 
  • Local winery tour on the way to the beach, sipping on fruity grapes as you unwind and relax after your travels. 
  • Village excursions immersing you in the Greek culture that creates lasting memories. 
  • Beach excursions that ignite all of your senses as you experience the finest beaches along the coastline. 
  • Farm to Table Seminar + Cooking Together where you’ll help gather your own fresh food and connect with your soul tribe while learning new cooking skills. 
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Drinking water and hot beverages at retreat center 

Saving Stray Dogs – % of proceeds donated to East Pelion Animal Welfare, local animal shelter saving stray dogs from the streets. Optional volunteer opportunity at East Pelion Animal Welfare so you can truly give back to those pups in need.


☆ Flights

☆ Airport Transportation

☆ Food outside of the retreat resort 

 Enhance Your Experience with these Extra Services:

☆60 min Massage – €80

☆ 1:1 Quantum Leap Manifestation Session with Oksana – €250


Shared Room | Shared Bath – Two twin beds | $2850 per person *For individuals who enjoy connecting with new friends!  

Private Double Room | Shared Bath – One Double Bed | $3150 per person *Limited private double rooms available – grab it fast!

Private Double Room | Private Bath – One Double Bed w/Ensuite Bath | $3450 per person *Limited Availability! 


Located next to the retreat centre on Pelion Homes farm, is a large communal space where the retreat guests can relax and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on your preferences.

The food is prepared and cooked with love in the kitchen by our friendly chefs. You will experience hearty homemade Mediterranean organic food made with ingredients directly picked from our garden and seasonal locally sourced. Farm-to-table vegetarian cuisine at its best! 

The dining area has a wrap-around balcony, with stunning views overlooking the village of Agios Georgios, Pelion mountain and the sea below.


You’ll stay in spacious stone-built homes and luxury villas in Pelion with pools, surrounded by scenic nature that will make you feel at home. Indulge your senses in the tasteful bohemian decor and dreamy panoramic Pelion mountain & sea views.

You’ll enjoy an intimate and relaxing stay with your new soul tribe.  Lounge by the pool, take a nap in the hammock, self-reflect in your room or enjoy engaging conversation on the balcony with your new soul family!  


A perfect corner of Greece. This Wellness Retreat will be hosted in the mythical region of Pelion. This paradise is tucked away in the Pagasitikos Gulf in eastern Greece. It is situated on the western side of Mount Pelion and around the village of Agios Georgios Nilias. The whole area is very lush and green, relatively untouched and characterized by sweeping mountain vistas, forests, enchanting villages and hideaway beaches.


The Pelion Peninsula is steeped in mythology. Mount Pelion took its name from the mythical king Peleus, father of Achilles, and the forested hills were the homeland of Centaurs, the mythical creatures half-men and half-horse. Pelion is dotted with monasteries and some still thriving.


It’s important to invest in YOU! Space is limited – book now so you don’t lose out on incredible experience!

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