Sacred Waters Fasting Retreat | June 2024


21.06.24 - 26.06.24

Hosted by Violetta Anestopoulou & Annika Wildflower

"Imagine if you could get away and be in a beautiful and peaceful environment next to powerful waters to experience the wonderful intensity of a safe Water Cleansing Journey. "

We Invite You To Join Us…

In a transformative Water Cleansing Journey that will help you cleanse your body from toxins, clear your energetic blockages, reset your mindset, become more radiant, and activate your magic. Here you will be provided with the ultimate renewal by an effective detox and healthy nutrition program and a comprehensive set of therapies in a healing environment.

Watch this video by Violetta and why you should attend this unique retreat with us in Pelion.

Find out more about Violetta here.

Fasting is a great opportunity for you to restore your body and to remember that our bodies have a spiritual connection to a higher power. When we fast, we give our bodies a break from the digestive process, allowing our souls to go through a detox session too.

The physical body

What are the root causes of all chronic diseases? Essentially it is one main cause, TOXICITIES! Our internal ‘pipes’, tissues and thought processes become clogged up with acidic wastes that come from many sources, such as stresses of daily life, unhealthy diets, chemical household products, environmental toxicity and the overburdening of chemicals or emotional stressors in our system. When we fast, we go through an ultra-cleansing, allowing our system to release many of the toxins built up over time, and you may find, that despite the restricted intake of food, that you actually have MORE ENERGY!


The energetic body

While food is an essential form of nutrition and energy for us – mind, body and spirit – it is also for many of us a tool through which we numb our emotions, deaden our senses and retreat from unpleasant feelings and sensations. Whether we are aware of this or not! When we restrict ourselves from food, we notice how strongly our addictions really are, and this is a chance to observe where those addictions come from. What emotions arise when you start craving chocolate or coffee? Can you sit with them and allow them to surface without seeking for food to dull and numb them?
Once we have the courage to release and face these uncomfortable emotions, we find that we are freed from them, and our load is lightened from that point onwards.
very powerful emotional detox.



Detox & Wellness Coach / Detox Breathwork / Ice Baths / Body Cupping Massage / Water Ceremonies

Holistic Health & Detox practitioner working for over 8 years with the element of Water. She follows her lineage’s Greek ancient teachings of Catharsis, purification of body, mind & spirit while living in Central America studying the Mayan Cosmovision and the connection to the earth. Violetta was guided by the spirit of Water during a ceremony, asking me to get closer to my lineage’s wisdom, where fasting revealed a clear conversation about how water can heal the body, and how it changes mood, energy, and mental stability. Restoring the Human Body & Mind back to Balance. She has managed to reverse her own physical conditions of a DNA mutatiol (hypercholesterolaemia, which is an inherited disorder that makes it harder for the body to remove low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol from your blood, resulting to heart attacks) , varicose veins, period regulation, headaches, irregular bowel function, IBS and skin conditions within the first 3 months of her water fasting journey. Violetta facilitates workshops across different conscious events & festivals to spread the message of the Secrets of Water, Cleansing & Healing. She will be supporting you with educational workshops, meditations & detox breathwork, ice baths, boddy cupping, art work and detox practices and nutritional plans. Offering during the retreat 1:1 coaching/support as well.


Movement Practice / Breathwork Practitioner / Temazcal / Water Ceremonies

Annika is a devotee of nature and the elements. Over the last decade she has been studying water through her own lived experience and the guidance of various elders. Through the immense powers of water fasting, nature immersion, silence, breath and prayer Annika has experienced healing herself of an autoimmune dis-ease. Becoming an advocate for tending to cleansing our internal and external waters, she has come to realize the importance of approaching healing as a holistic experience. Weaving the intricacies of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness into a recipe for thriving life. Nature is Annika’s most important muse. It is the elements that have conveyed to her how to bring life into balance when in a state of dis-ease. Water as the element that teaches us about our inherent purity has become an ally to her through spiritual study. Healing through water and with water, brings a profound spiritual experience that allows for physical, emotional and mental dis-ease to be cleared. Annika is passionate about the meeting point of spirit and matter, of prayers woven into the waters we consume and prayers for the waters of this earth. When we live as beings mainly made of water, we realize the intimacy of connection that we carry with all of life. And Annika is here to facilitate this experience for and with you.


Day 1 | Preparation

• Arriving at Premises & Settling
• Opening Ceremony
• Light Dinner

Day 2 / 3 | Kangen

• Kangen Water, Fulvic Acid, Electrolytes, Wild Turmeric
• Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, Sound Healing
• Ice Bath, Body Cupping, Traditional Temazcal (Sauna)
• Detox Practices, Enemas
• Fire Mayan Ceremony

Day 4 / 5 | Breaking The Fast

• Organic Liver Detox Juices, Ayurvedic Recipes,
• Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, Sound Healing
• Skin Care Detoxification, Abdominal Massage
• Kayaking

Day 6 | Closing Circle

• Meditation – Breathwork
• Brunch – Ayurvedic Recipes
• Integration – Sharing
• Closing Circle – Departure


  • 5 nights accomodation
  • daily Kangen water
  • daily fulvic acid
  • daily electrolytes
  • organic vegetable juices
  • ayurvedic recipes


  • daily meditations
  • daily yoga &
  • breathwork
  • daily sound healing
  • daily detox practices
  • daily enemas
  • 2 ice baths & body cupping
  • 1 fire / singing circle • art therapy & cacao scrub
  • goody bag (tongue scrape, body brush, palo santo bundle, notebook, pen, essential oils)
  • waterfall excursion


  • flights to and from Greece
  • transfer to the location (we can support arranging)
  • massage therapies
  • tips & gratuity


The cost includes accommodation in a double room in the wonderful villas of the hostel (each villa includes more than one double room), food, training manual, all classes and workshops and personal mentoring with the program manager.

€1,880 – €2,220 euros/person depending on room preference, you can choose from Twin Shared Bathroom, Private Shared Bathroom & Private with Ensuite Bathroom. 


• purification and detoxification of the body
• balancing of the metabolism of the body
• cleansing of the digestive systems
• boosting immune & lymphatic systems
• improving the acid pH levels of the body
• enhancing vitality
• slow aging process
• treating age-related chronic diseases
• weight reduction
• reduction of fatigue & sleep disorders
• deep emotional release
• strengthening will power
• fosters, gratitude & humility
• calming the mind & improving decision making
• attaining a state of inner balance & harmony
• heightened spiritual awareness


The location for this deep inner journey is in the deep blue and poweful sacred waters of Greece. Where the lush mountains meet the Mediterean sea. Here, you will feel you are entering an energy vortex, that will inevitably deeply touch your soul.

Thanks to the vibrant natural elements, the energetic palpitation of the earth, and the numerous of hidden gems, this place is highly energetically charged and it forms the best container for our retreat.


You’ll stay in spacious stone-built homes and luxury villas in Pelion with pools, surrounded by scenic nature that will make you feel at home. Indulge your senses in the tasteful bohemian decor and dreamy panoramic Pelion mountain & sea views.

You’ll enjoy an intimate and relaxing stay with your new soul tribe.  Lounge by the pool, take a nap in the hammock, self-reflect in your room or enjoy engaging conversation on the balcony with your new soul family!  



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