Mountain & Sea retreat in Pelion | May 2024



in Pelion, Greece

19.05.24 - 25.05.24

Hosted by Sünne & Alicia


If you need to take a break from the challenges of daily life at home or seek to deepen and expand your spiritual practice, this retreat is the opportunity you have been looking for.

The programme contains yoga practice twice a day and offers a supplementary choice of workshops and introductions to various paths of other healing practices such as; Sound Healing, Plant-Wisdom or Somatic Movement.

The breathtaking nature of Greece’s untouched Pelion Mountain Range and the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the family-run retreat space of Pelion Homes will make your experience wholesome and recharging.


Life is a challenging journey that becomes joyful when we flow in balance and peace. This requires practice, an inspiring environment and an empowering community that will help us to stay grounded and rooted in our own strength. Make time to understand yourself at a deeper level and cultivate a sense of mindfulness through the tools of yoga and other transformational practices.


At Mountain & Sea Retreats we aim to create a welcoming, community vibe and spirit. Our mindfully designed programme gives you the opportunity to rest and regenerate through the ancient practices of yoga, nourish your body with a vegetarian and whole food diet while making sure you have enough time to relax, read, swim, chat and enjoy your well-deserved holiday. 

True to the motto “listen to your body, it’s smarter than you” we flow through life and encourage you to to do the same — if that means  you join each and every session offered or you decide to skip and afternoon session and fit a nap in. Our community is inclusive, our dearest values are treating each other with respect, creating a non-judgemental environment and welcoming every body regardless of age, origin, religion and gender.

Our ultimate goal is to teach and provide an experience that will serve you way beyond this retreat and leave you with a feeling of both lightness and strength, renewed and restored from the strains and pressure of daily life — returning back home with an elevated level of energy and joy for life.



Born in Hamburg, shaped by Berlin – after more than a decade in Germany’s Sin City our founder is following her true sagittarius’ desire for adventure and  freedom-seeking in the historic grounds of Greece. Always optimistic and in for fun, she uses her passion and creativity to create connections between people and ideas — in her private life and here at Mountain & Sea Retreats on a fruitful professional level. 

For Sünne, a strong fondness for spirituality, yoga practice and healthy nutrition do not stand in the way of enjoying her life and having fun: her spirits are flowing free when she is dancing the night away, exploring secret beaches and enjoying long dinner nights with friends and a glass of of wine – it’s all about balance, baby! 

Catch her teaching classes as diverse as her lifestyle, from strong sweaty vinyasa flows, to soothing meditation guidance or tension-relieving yin yoga sessions – and of course she leads our dance experiences!



Meet Alicia, a free spirit and seasoned teacher with over ten years of dedicated self-practice. 

Influenced by a blend of traditional and modern styles, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Qi Gong, Jivamukti and Yin Yoga, Alicia’s journey has taken her around the globe. From immersive trainings in India, Thailand, Europe and South America to teaching the slow side of yoga while always following the sun.

Grounded in mindfulness and guided by a reverence for ancient indian Practices and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Alicia finds inspiration in nature. With a Leo’s fiery spirit and a Dragon’s determination, she embodies happiness, lightness, and compassion.

As a core member of the Mountain & Sea Retreat Community and a close friend of Sünne for over a decade, she brings a strong foundation and a collaborative spirit to this project. Catch her teaching Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra and being your person of contact when it comes to all things operations before and during our retreats. 


Our classes and workshops are designed for any level of experience, including absolute beginners, to intermediate and more advanced practitioners.

The teacher team has laid the foundation for our very own, dogma-free style, honoring the schools of Jivamukti-, Sivananda-, Hatha, and Yin/Restorative Yoga, integrating our knowledge of Somatic and Trauma-informed Movement. 

Each morning we start our day with a guided meditation, explore different breathing techniques followed by a dynamic asana practice to open and balance our energy centers (chakras). At evening practice we aim to wind down body and mind through restorative postures (Yin).


  • 6 x guided meditations
  • 5 x Vinyasa Yoga 
  • 5 x Yin/Restorative Yoga
  • 2-3 Workshops 
  • Hiking, Beach Trip, Sunset Mediation


  • 08:00 Tea & Silent Welcome

  • 08:30 Meditation Practice

  • 09.00 Short Break

  • 09:05 Morning Practice

  • 10:30 Brunch

  • 11:30 Time to relax, beach, hike, sleep, workshops, gardening etc..

  • 18:00 Evening Practice

  • 19:30 Dinner 

  • 20:30 Satsang/Sharing Circle


We are certain that the quality of our nutrition and the way we nurture ourselves plays a major role in our overall well being. Therefore the food we provide is mainly sourced from local,organic farming and composed into beautiful healthy meals, from our own kitchen team. Enjoy meals together with the community at big family tables, soaking in the colors and textures of fresh and delicious food, served to us with so much love.

  • 6 x Blooming Brunches
  • 6 x Delicious Dinners 
  • Local, organic, fresh products
  • Vegetarian/vegan (opt.), gluten free 
  • Healing mountain water, fruit and tea/coffee 
  • Cooked with love


  • Boho style modern mountain villas
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Pools, hammocks, fireplace
  • Cocomat mattresses


Pelion Homes is so much more than just your regular retreat center! 

It’s hard to describe, but the moment you step into this space you will experience its magic. A family-led educational venue in a stunning mountain village, surrounded by unspoiled nature and breathtaking views of mountains and sea – the sunsets here are one of a kind!

We love its mix of comfort and nature: Individually sized modern mountain villas invite you to enjoy the sunny hours by the pool or soothing naps in the hammocks. Discover cozy corners, shade-giving cherry trees and the permaculture gardens at the farm and community space. 

The yoga shala is a wooden platform covered by 65sqm Bedouin Tent placed at the highest point of the retreat center #yogawithaview.


  • €1190 – Early Bird Rate (until 28.02.2023, full payment, non-refundable)
  • €1290- Regular Rate (deposit of 30% to save your space)
  • Private Rooms on request and at additional costs


We strongly believe in the power of connection and community – more than ever in the digitalised world that we live in today. Mountain & Sea Retreats came to life in the middle of 2020 out of an urgent need to create a safe and healing space for people to take care of their mental and physical health whilst reconnecting with nature. What started as an experience for our friends and friends of friends has evolved to an exceptional community in that many beautiful friendships and alliances (even relationships 🙂) have formed until today. Participants have become teachers or creators themselves and this family is ever growing and connected through our shared passions, values and experiences together. 

And we are inviting YOU to become part of it ♥️!


Ilyas S. (June 2021)

“This magical place and the unique yoga and meditation sessions in a special group make this week the most precious and special of the whole year for me.”


“Dieser magische Ort und die einzigartigen Yoga- und Meditation sessions in einer besonderen Gruppe machen diese Woche zur wertvollsten und besondersten im ganzen Jahr für mich.”

Marc M. (June 2021)

“The retreat with the great group, the healing/sacred place, the food, the mountain water and the yoga practice was a spiritual experience that surprised me very much. It is unbelievable what a week in this interaction has triggered for self-knowledge, increased perception and active growth of consciousness.” 


Das Retreat mit der tollen Gruppe, der heilende/heilige Ort, dem Essen, dem Bergwasser und der Yogapraxis war eine spirituelle Erfahrung, welche mich selbst sehr überrascht hat. Unglaublich was eine Woche in diesem Zusammenspiel für Selbsterkenntnis, Wahrnehmungssteigerung und aktivem Wachstum des Bewusstseins ausgelöst hat.



Pelion Homes Retreat Center, Epar.Od. Agrias-Mileon, Ag. Georgios Nilias 373 00 : MAP

Nearest Airports

  • Thessaloniki
  • Athens
  • Volos ( from limited destinations)
  • Skiathos (operation during high season)

Thessaloniki or Athens to Pelion Homes Retreat Center: (3-4hrs)

  • by car
  • by bus

→ We are happy to support you in organizing your trip, just reach out!

→ We will open a Carpooling-WhatsApp-Group around 2 months before the retreat.


Come and explore the different paths to find inner balance and learn practical tips to nurture not only your body but also your emotional well-being.
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