Be A Greek For A Week | Various Dates 2022

'5 Day Greek Language RetreatS'

25.09.22 – 30/09
02.10.22 – 07.10.22
09.10.22 –14.10.22

With Mona Spachi - Certified Greek Language Tutor & Host

“Be a Greek for a week” is a full immersion language retreat in Pelion, Greece, specially designed for Greek language lovers of all levels who are passionate about the Greek language and want to visit Greece with a focus on learning and practice Greek. Who are excited to work and spend time with a native certified language tutor and coach. 

The teacher will customize your learning and guide you through this linguistic journey, respecting each individuals specific language skills and needs.

You will be improving your conversational skills, by speaking and practising your oral skills, you will learn new vocabulary and funny colloquial phrases that will make you sound and feel more Greek as well as learning tips and techniques to use for your study back home!

All this combined with workshops, hiking / walks and activities in the stunning mountainside and close to the sea.

The Location

Agios Georgios Nilias is a beautiful and green traditional village on the slopes of the Western Pelion, 22 km from Volos, between the Pagasitikos Gulf and the Aegean Sea, at a distance of 20′-30 ‘from the nearest beaches and near the village of Milies.


Mona Spachi – Hi! I’m Mona, mother of 9 year old Calinda, Greek, born and raised in Athens, a language tutor and coach for the past 15 years since I left Athens and moved to Paros.

I’ve always loved languages and I had been studying and got my certificates in English, Italian and French. However for various reasons I wasn’t involved professionally in language teaching before Paros! It was here that I discovered my passion for teaching and rediscovered myself!

Blame it on the island, on the special Cycladic light, the sea, the beauty that surrounds us, the fact is that, year after year, I’d realize how much I loved it, and I’d become more and more in love with this place that offered me this unique opportunity!

I started teaching, translating and interpreting in Italian, sì, la Bella Lingua! However there were always my foreign friends asking me to consider teaching them modern Greek, my mother tongue. Never really thought about it, but I offered to help them and… year after year the interest grew more among the people who would like to get acquainted and learn this beautiful and unique language!

So I decided to take my teaching further, embrace this new challenge to take this new turning again! So in 2017, I got my certificate in teaching Greek as a foreign or a second language, by the Greek Language Center in Thessaloniki and I was thrilled!
Two years later my inner need to continue my studies pushed me further, passed my exams and now I study History, Archeology and Social Anthropology at the University of Thessaly, in Volos where I moved in October 2020.

I now organize greek language retreats in Volos-Pelio. Pelio is a unique place in Greece that combines both mountain and sea, with traditional villages, as well as beaches that face the Aegean, and I’m really excited to show you around and get to know this magical place! We also organize courses in Thessaloniki, Peloponnese and mainland Greece during spring and summer time as well as private online courses.
I’ve created a specially designed program for busy people who don’t want to spend hours in a classroom but rather prefer to be also outside to practice Greek, in a more friendly and informal environment.

My goal is to help people discover the fun in learning Greek so that it becomes a joyful and exciting journey. Absolutely everyone is capable of learning Greek, it’s simply a matter of finding a method that fits in with your everyday life, your interests and your learning style.

So, welcome and hope to meet you soon in one of my lessons!


Outdoor activities! Swimming, Snorkeling, Horseback riding, Sea Kayaking, SUP, Day trips along the eastern coast of mt Pelion.

Dancing! Traditional Greek dance lessons.

Walking tours! To explore both the history and culture of Greece through its natural and urban landscape.


  • Will be at the beautiful and historic MANSION located in Agios Georgios. 
  • Twin room with ensuite bathroom.
  • Single Room with ensuite bathroom.

“Be a Greek for a week” Combine your holidays in Greece with a language course and experience Greece like a local!

This retreat is hosted by Mona Spachi.

If you are interested in reserving your place or wish to find out more information, please contact her for more information |


A cooking lesson, on Friday, preparing a traditional Greek recipe, and using the language, communicating with fellow students-chefs, and most importantly, having fun while sharing a fantastic homemade meal together!

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