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26.05.24 - 30.05.24

Hosted by Lindy Clifton & Georgia Koutla

‘Immerse yourself in sacred space and tune into your Soul’s Blossoming’

We are utterly excited to announce our joint spiritual retreat in Greece 23-30 May 2024! Join us for a profound spiritual experience through a unique 7-day retreat, both in the sacred city of Athens and in the mountain of Pelion, the summer residence of the gods and the home of the Centaurs.

We will begin with a warm welcome dinner in Athens, under the light of the Flower Full Moon. This energetic gate will prepare us for a deep soul release and expansion in the following 6 days of deep spiritual work, leading you to your own Soul Blossoming!

In our 3-night stay in Athens we will connect to the energy of the Goddess and experience embodiment and integration through powerful spiritual healing practices, sacred rituals under the Acropolis and sacred dance. This will deepen our connection to ancient energy transmissions of wisdom emanating in the sacred space of Pallas Athena, warrior goddess of wisdom.

From Athens we will travel to the mountain of Pelion, for a 4-night stay in the absolutely stunning Pelion Homes retreat centre. Here you can immerse yourself in the pristine greenery of the mountain and endless, magical views of the Aegean and experience powerful teachings, spiritual healing modalities, energy transmissions, sacred sound transmissions and sacred playfulness. 

Allow all your body and senses to come alive to the sounds of your inner voice, the truths of your inner knowledge and experience the sacredness of Mother Gaia as never before.


Feel completely held to take a transformative journey within and experience powerful teachings, spiritual healing modalities, energy transmissions, sacred sound transmissions and sacred playfulness.

Our spiritual practices will include Processes from the Saraswati HealingTM Modality created by Alana Fairchild, a wise and inspired spiritual teacher. We have both been licensed practitioners for some years and have considerable experience in this modality.

The practices will also include specifically designed processes that incorporate various aspects of her extensive body of work. We have been offering this type of group healing process for over a year via Zoom. We have gratefully received very positive feedback from our participants who have expressed the various benefits they have gained.

All spiritual practices are held in a very grounded space, where body-soul consciousness and inner sacred rhythms are honoured, allowing for deep healing, harmony and integration.


Lindy Clifton

Throughout her life Lindy’s driving force has been to develop and expand her own inner Being and spiritual practices. Fortunate enough to have parents who were deeply spiritual and intent on sharing their knowledge – eg the law of cause and effect; the power of manifestation and the miracle of spiritual healing – she forged her own path along similar principles.

Passionate about education she became a Trainer, and always managed to weave aspects of the Universal Laws into her lessons. Her interest in healing and in the body- mind-spiritual connection saw her become a Kinesiologist (2006), a modality she continues to practice. Introduced to the incredible work of Alana Fairchild in 2015 she felt that she had come home when Alana introduced her first healing modality the following year. This work could be used for 1:1 Healing Sessions or Group Work and Lindy happily embraces both.

As a Saraswati HealingTM Practitioner, connecting with other community group members became an added blessing. Finding
a deep-soul connection with Georgia and offering Joint Zoom Sessions based on Alana’s work with her, the idea of a Spiritual Retreat was born. She is excited to be able to be part of this ground-breaking and soul-blossoming event which they have created with love and a deep desire to assist others to shine their lights ever brighter and fulfil their potential.

Georgia Koutla

Georgia is devoted to honour the truths of the heart and believes in the innate capacity for healing and growth inherent in human nature.

She is devoted to empower others to seek, find and express their own truths, honouring the uniqueness and diversity of the human soul.

Her background resides in the field of engineering and she worked as a Civil Engineer for 10 years. This experience supported her in developing synergy and a collaborative spirit. She has a postgraduate degree in the field of monument restoration, through which she realised how much she appreciates the inherent legacy of light encoded in all ancient structures.

Her long-term experience of holistic therapies supported her to connect to her own body wisdom and awareness. This process ultimately led her to explore spirituality in a way that honours both body and soul. When she was introduced to the work of Alana Fairchild, she instantly felt at home. Alana’s spiritual trainings led her to a transformative experience of healing and growth. She’s passionate about sharing

the healing modalities and teachings with the world, in a practical and embodied way and offers spiritual workshops, weekly meditation groups and private sessions.

As a Saraswati HealingTM Practitioner, she connected to the global community of practitioners, which became a profound blessing. Another blessing came as she connected to Lindy, with whom she shares a rare soul connection. Together they offer joint- sessions based on Alana’s work. She is excited to be able to be part of this joint-retreat event, born from their common heart desire to serve others in their journey of Soul Blossoming.


  • All workshops & practices.
  • 4 nights Luxury Accommodation at Pelion Homes.
  • 2 Full Meals (Brunch, Dinner) Plus nuts, fruits, local tea & Greek coffee available throughout the day
  • What’s NOT Included
  • Flights
  • Airport Transfers
  • Massages/treatments
  • Excursion expenses incurred outside of group transportation.


  • Twin shared room with shared bathroom — €1650
  • Private room with shared bathroom — €1750
  • Private room with ensuite bathroom — €1850


All cuisine and meals are prepared and made with love by ‘Pelion Homes Retreat Centre chef’s. The chef’s use farm-to-table locally sourced and handpicked ingredients from the retreat centre farm. Many visitors having experienced the delicious food, often return to enjoy the wonderful food on offer, get ready for a mouthwatering experience!

Any specific dietary preferences and requirements can be discussed prior to booking your place on the retreat.


The spiritual retreat will be held at the Pelion Homes villas & Retreat Centre. An idyllic space undisturbed and surrounded by deep green vegetation. The perfect location, providing peace and quiet for the spiritual retreat.

It offers 360 panoramic sea and mountain views overlooking the Pagasitikos Gulf and nearby village of Agios Georgios. 


Pelion Homes is a dedicated and beautiful retreat space embedded in nature, including a Bedouin heated or open-air tent among nature, 5 min walk from our residence. Practices may also take place in the spacious Mansion terrace and also the public space
of Aloni Theatre which is a few minutes’ walk from the Pelion Homes Mansion, with spectacular mountain and sea views.

Pelion Homes offers a wonderful communal area for dining, with delicious farm-to-table cuisine and refreshments prepared by a trained holistic nutritionist and cook. The menu is plant-based, organic food. More specific diets including vegan, gluten free and allergies, can be catered for. Brunch and dinner are included. Fruit, nuts, coffees and teas will be available throughout the day. It is situated in a natural setting, with panoramic views overlooking the mountainside and sea. The Retreat area also has swimming pool.

Walking distance to the Retreat Centre is approximately 5-10 minutes from the accommodation, up a slight inclined stone path. Please be aware of this and bring walking shoes and/or hiking sticks if needed.

Our accommodation includes private or shared rooms, most with ensuites. Participants can choose from various room and cost options.


The spiritual retreat will be held at the Pelion Homes villas & Retreat Centre. An idyllic space undisturbed and surrounded by deep green vegetation. The perfect location, providing peace and quiet for the spiritual retreat. For more information and to book your space, please reach out to lindy.l.clifton@gmail.com or gkoutla@gmail.com. Please contact us with any questions.

We invite you to join us for a free group session and truly experience our work!

If your Heart is calling you, Join us!

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