DCode | Dreams, destination & desires. | October 2023


05.10.23 – 11.10.23

With Vered Zilberberg & Shiri Shilon

We want it all.

To be the best both at what we do & also the best at how we live our lives.

It’s possible, and there is a process that supports that.

From the outside it seems like we have it all. Although we may have achieved so much in life it feels like something is still missing! There is a burning fire inside us that needs a level of desire to be fulfilled, something with a deeper sense of purpose.

There comes a stage where we can’t get in touch with what we really want anymore, contemplating and wondering what the next step may be and how to get there…We may not know what this is, or which would be the right path to reach this goal. Perhaps our way of thinking and our minds alone cannot lead us on the right path to achieve our new goal. We realise our old ways for achieving our goals are not leading us to the way anymore that serves us best – we lack new tools and need to find a new approach. We may need new skills and a higher level of consciousness to attain this.

Do you have the courage to join us on this unique 7-day retreat at Pelion Homes Retreat Centre? To turn off your brain muscles and turn on the core muscles of your inner desires.


We invite you to DCode your passion code – To get in touch with deep inner ‘core muscles ‘ of Desire & Dreams – To seek and find clarity and redesign your inner Destination Road map.  

‘Dcode’ is a week workshop, a stop in the demanding race of life. It is a ‘zoom out’ that allows deep focus ‘zoom in’ – enabling us to redesign our inner road map that supports us in creating and designing the life reality we desire.  

‘Dcode’ is about decoding our passion code – getting in touch with our deep inner ‘core muscles’ of Desire & Dreams – to seek and find a higher level of clarity.

The process allows us to build new structure of our ‘inner management system’ connecting us and allowing us to take ownership on existing resources and intuition, allowing us to get in touch with a strong feeling of meaning, happiness, and fulfilment.  

The process combines deep body, soul and mind connection and integration, with the use of profound change facilitation and awareness tools and knowhow: Neuropsychology of change, Psychodrama, focusing, Buddhism along with soft tools that combines deep inner body awareness work.

The Location

Pelion Homes Retreat Centre. Agios Georgios Nilias is a beautiful and green traditional village on the slopes of the Western Pelion, 22 km from Volos, between the Pagasitikos Gulf and the Aegean Sea, at a distance of 20′-30 ‘from the nearest beaches and near the village of Milies.


Vered Zilberberg- Dcode Founder – Vered is a leading Business & Wellbeing integration specialist, leading and supporting individuals groups and organizations in Israel and around the world to create and facilitate deep change processes and personal and professional breakthroughs.

Bringing her unique professional integration of both long lasting business experience as an entrepreneur in the healthcare arena, along with here expansive training and 15 years leading and supporting change processes to the unique ‘Dcode approach’.  

“I believe with all my heart that we can live a full and balanced life that integrates career, family our passions and other aspects of life while feeling meaningful and joyful.

I know today, more than ever, that the key to that precious balancing point comes from deepening our inner listening & awareness along with daily maintenance”.

During the last 15 years, Vered has been a passionate explorer of inner awareness paths and ways to  improve our life balance. She has a vast training and knowhow that’s integrates an M.A in art therapies, (Psychodrama) along with extensive training in the neuropsychology of creating change, trauma healing, Buddhism, positive psychology and various body awareness methods.

She established ‘Dcode’ – a profound method and also a way of living, that creates not only a new way of living but also and a global community that connects and keeps on walking on that road.

Shiri Shilon – “There is more wisdom in  your body than in your deepest philosophy” – Friedrich Nietzsche

I believe that in every human being there is a deep connection to the whole. When it is revealed, the outcome is true joy, inner peace, and love. In 30 years of learning the power of movement and breathing, by numerous techniques and studies, I have developed my own unique way of teaching the wisdom of body, mind and soul connection

The body is where the alchemy of those three realms occurs And therefore we can find through it our way to balance and happiness

I am a certified Pilates, Belly Dancing andchi Kong instructor, creator of DaoDance method,

I have dedicated my life to explore body wisdom and focused my teaching so it will truly help others to become whole and deeply enjoy life at its fullest.


  • 07:30 Morning inner body experience – movement session  

  • 08:30 Morning snack

  • 09:15 Morning session 

  • 11:00 Brunch at the communal space
  • 12:00 – 17:00 Free Time or nature-based activities in Pelion*

  • 17:00 Evening session
  • 19:00  Dinner at the communal space
  • 20:30 Evening activity

*We will enjoy amazing nature activities in the outstanding villages and beaches of Pelion.

  • The organiser’s speak: English & Hebrew
  • The maximum number of participants for the group is 14.


It’s as if my computer was working on too many windows, it was working slowly and couldn’t prioritise. The workshop was like long pressing the “restart” button. I managed to get back to the very best version of myself, only opening the necessary window and knowing exactly how to prioritise and whats needs to be done.”

Tami, Dcode at Pelion Homes (October 2022)


Those who have visited the Pelion Homes Retreat Centre will have seen that we have an organic garden, where we grow a variety of plant-based foods and ingredients. This along with sourcing locally sourced ingredients ensures we offer farm-to-table food supporting a healthier lifestyle.

Enjoy a wonderful infusion of Mediterranean cuisine and let our retreat chef’s work their magic.

Culinary delights at Pelion Retreat Centre


  • Will be at the beautiful PELION HOMES Villas. Shared for 3-7 guests per villa depending on size and availability. Some have private pools. 
  • Twin Room: Choose to stay in a twin room with shared bathroom facilities
  • Single Room with shared bathroom: Enjoy a spacious single room for your privacy with shared villa bathroom facilities
  • Single Room with ensuite bathroom: Looking for a little more privacy? Choose our most luxurious accommodation option with a king-sized bed and private ensuite bathroom (Limited availability.


This retreat is facilitated by Vered Zilberberg & Shiri Shilon. 

  • The group is intimate and very dedicated to the process, we set ourselves the goal of creating precise personal space and therefore a mutual matching conversation to the program is part of the registration process.

If you are interested in reserving your place or wish to find out more information, please contact us to schedule a short zoom meeting.

> info@dcode.co.il 

Reserve your place

For more information email info@dcode.co.il

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