DCode retreat | May - June 2024


31.05.24 - 06.06.24

Hosted by Vered & Shiri

‚ÄėWe are here to crack the operating code of our relationship systems, the one driving our axis of desire: Towards ourselves. Towards others. And enabling us to live life to the fullest.‚Äô

DCode Relationship is an invitation to a pit stop in the race of life.

A powerful and focused process, that allows a Zoom out in order to Zoom in on the most important place from which we grow:¬†our relationship systems ‚Äď and our ability to get as close as possible to our¬†‘Bullseye’- an inner place where we are accurate. To ourselves. To our lives. A one week retreat that creates clarification, precision, and a fresh start of our¬†operating system, enabling us to ask ourselves again.

For whom this is suitable?

For those who feel challenges or obstacles in personal or professional relationships.

For those with a passion for ‘more’ in the realm of fulfillment in one or more areas of life. For those interested in resolving issues in their relationship system, either with themselves or with others.

For those facing ‘height differences’ or a gap between the desired and the actual.
The group is a ‘mitigative’ group, consisting of participants for whom deep processes are not unfamiliar.

Individuals who have undergone significant growth processes. 


What does it include? dcode is an in-depth program for exploring change and applying practical tools to integrate it into our life reality. 

The programme combines specialised knowledge from the realms of management and entrepreneurship with hands-on tools for guiding internal change from the fields of therapy, awareness, and body-mind-emotion work, along with active deep meditations. The program utilizes a broad spectrum of approaches, including Neuro focusing, Buddhism,& meditation Positive Psychology, conscious movement lessons, and immersion in nature, engaging all the senses.

Our Relationships: Who is leading? Reclaiming ownership Рhow do I truly want to live? Creating clarity.

What stops us along the way? Mapping identification Barriers and blocks that keep us behind.

“Mind Bypass” exercise:¬†Tools from the realms of body, mind, and emotion that create emotional connection.

Practical steps for change: Reconnecting to resources and powers that have led us to where we are today and directing them towards the future we are building.

Practical tools for breaking old habits and shaping the desired reality: Neuropsychology of change.

Developing an applicable and operational plan and steps for implementation.

Pause and rest as a driving force in life.



“Until I agreed to deeply explore my dearest relationship system ‚Äď the one I had with myself ‚Äď in almost all of my relationships with the world, I encountered inaccuracies and suffering.¬†

What characterizes my relationship systems today is freedom, precision, and choice. From there, a precise and mutual movement inward and outward.”

Vered is an entrepreneur and senior executive in the business field (in the healthcare realms), leading, building, and guiding companies and executives through personal and business breakthroughs. She specializes in strategic Business and wellbeing planning  and integration. She is a lecturer, researcher, and assists organizations and seniors in designing personal and organizational change processes based on integration between personal and business, between Business & Wellbeing. 

Over the years, Vered has distilled her knowledge and experience into a unique method that connects hundreds of people and organizations through personal and business breakthroughs.¬†She is a writer, lecturer, and leader of integrative-based change processes between business and personal, between Business and Wellbeing, believing that we are already there ‚Äď in the new equation ‚Äď and we truly have no way to jump to the next level if we do not manage the processes correctly.

dcode is a practical method, its foundation is the recognition and acceptance of the “basic need” as a source of growth.¬†Based on this need, the understanding is built that in order to achieve meaningful breakthroughs for oneself and the environment or organization in which one is located, one must reach his ‘bullseye’ ‚Äď the ‘right size in the world.’


“I believe that within every person there is a connection to the whole.

When it is revealed, true joy, peace, and love emerge. For over thirty years, I have been studying and delving into the healing path of movement and breath. With years of experience, I have developed my unique way of teaching the wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit, and the connection between them.

I am a certified instructor in Pilates, belly dancing, and Chi Kung. The founder of the ‘Doudance’ method and a practitioner in the focusing method. I dedicate my life to research and accurate learning so that it can help my students experience wholeness and live healthy, joyful, and balanced lives.”


  • All workshops & practices.
  • 6 nights Luxury Accommodation at Pelion Homes.
  • Excursions into nature and around Pelion.
  • 2 Full Meals (Brunch, Dinner) Plus nuts, fruits, local tea & Greek coffee available throughout the day
  • Airport Transfers (Group pick up and drop off)
  • What’s NOT Included
  • Flights
  • Massages/treatments
  • Excursion expenses incurred outside of group transportation.


The basic price for the entire program includes professional guidance, accommodation, meals, airport transfers, excursions, and outdoor activities:

9,500 NIS per person for a shared room (double occupancy), excluding VAT.

Prices vary based on room types, and limited single rooms are available. The price includes everything except flights, massages, travel and cancellation insurance, personal shopping, and leisure activities.


Food is an unforgettable part of the overall experience, seamlessly woven into the complete journey. You are invited to let the chefs do what they do best ‚Äď all that’s left for you is to savor the magic. The cuisine is crafted from a rich, organic, and nourishing Mediterranean kitchen, composed of the finest local produce.

Any specific dietary preferences and requirements can be discussed prior to booking your place on the retreat.


The retreat will be held at the Pelion Homes villas & Retreat Centre. An idyllic space undisturbed and surrounded by deep green vegetation. The perfect location, providing peace and quiet for the spiritual retreat.

It offers 360 panoramic sea and mountain views overlooking the Pagasitikos Gulf and nearby village of Agios Georgios. 


Pelion Homes is a dedicated and beautiful retreat space embedded in nature, including a Bedouin heated or open-air tent among nature, 5 min walk from our residence. Practices may also take place in the spacious Mansion terrace and also the public space
of Aloni Theatre which is a few minutes’ walk from the Pelion Homes Mansion, with spectacular mountain and sea views.

Pelion Homes offers a wonderful communal area for dining, with delicious farm-to-table cuisine and refreshments prepared by a trained holistic nutritionist and cook. The menu is plant-based, organic food. More specific diets including vegan, gluten free and allergies, can be catered for. Brunch and dinner are included. Fruit, nuts, coffees and teas will be available throughout the day. It is situated in a natural setting, with panoramic views overlooking the mountainside and sea.

Walking distance to the Retreat Centre is approximately 5-10 minutes from the accommodation, up a slight inclined stone path. Please be aware of this and bring walking shoes and/or hiking sticks if needed.

Our accommodation includes private or shared rooms, most with ensuites. Participants can choose from various room and cost options.


The spiritual retreat will be held at the Pelion Homes villas & Retreat Centre. An idyllic space undisturbed and surrounded by deep green vegetation. The perfect location, providing peace and quiet for the spiritual retreat. For more information and to book your space, please reach out to lindy.l.clifton@gmail.com or gkoutla@gmail.com. Please contact us with any questions.

We invite you to join us for a free group session and truly experience our work!

If your Heart is calling you, Join us!

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