Nature Coaching Greece | October 2021

'Join us for the first-ever Nature Coaching programme in Greece, hosted by Diana Tedoldi.'

05.10.21 – 10.10.21


Nature coaching is a new way to facilitate coaching sessions in connection with Nature.

Numerous scientific researches show how, nowadays, the connection with Nature and mindfulness experiences help people to find centring, alignment between needs, values, objectives and action, strengthening their decisional skills, self-esteem and sense of self-efficacy.

The result is that people gradually feel more and more themselves, discovering and living their own value and uniqueness.

In Nature Coaching this knowledge, borrowed from ecopsychology and neuroscience research, is translated into proposals that provide experiences and practices for observing and listening to nature – the one around us, and the one within us.

The Nature Coach, by facilitating the client’s reconnection with the “external” landscape, helps him or her to also reconnect with his or her own “internal landscape”, in a mutual mirroring that man has cultivated since the dawn of time to know himself, and to orient himself or herself among the things of the world.

The Location

Pelion Homes Retreat Centre. Agios Georgios Nilias is a beautiful and green traditional village on the slopes of the Western Pelion, 22 km from Volos, between the Pagasitikos Gulf and the Aegean Sea, at a distance of 20′-30 ‘from the nearest beaches and near the village of Milies.


  • You will learn a new emerging profession.
  • Learn and practice dozens of deep nature connection practices, to use for yourself or in your professional practice.
  • Get to know ecopsychology and the evidence-based benefits of connecting with nature, to motivate your clients in exploring the benefits of nature connection and doing sessions in synergy with nature.
  • Explore sensory awareness and amplified states of perception and consciousness
  • Tap into the power of your organic knowledge, expanding the feeling of your truest nature, empowering your confidence as a leader and a facilitator.
  • You will learn an original and unique approach to the facilitation of personal and professional change, acquiring practical and professional tools to develop your work as a coach in connection with the natural world, both indoors and outdoors, both in parks, terraces and urban gardens and in the most uncontaminated nature.
  • Immerse yourself in meaningful connection and sharing with like-minded people looking for ways to develop presence, organic listening and leadership
  • You will practice a new coaching model to facilitate learning and personal transformation with Nature.
  • Awaken your innate biophilia, the love of life, which is the foundation of our motivation to protect our planet and contribute to the process of cultural repair and paradigm-shift that is much needed today to heal the environmental, social and spiritual crisis that humanity is facing.
  • By awakening your somatic intelligence, activating the collective intelligence of the group and connecting both to the wider ecosystem intelligence to which we belong, you will reconnect with your most authentic nature, and you will rediscover yourself interconnected with all other living beings and with the Earth.
  • Take part in a globally expanding community of change-makers looking for ways to retrieve our natural connections, become better humans in synergy with Mother Earth and co-create a new, regenerative way to live on this planet.


During the 5-day programme and immersion in idyllic nature, you will develop your ability to tune into nature – the one around you, and the one inside you.

You will discover what biophilia is, and how to cultivate it to change the quality of your daily life. You will awaken what I call primitive intelligence: your natural ability to feel good in the world, which we all have and which we share with other animal and plant living beings.

You will discover simple and accessible practices to regenerate your vitality and keep you full of energy, day after day. You will meet people who like you love nature, and are looking for opportunities to find calm, space, breath, presence, alignment, connection.

You will learn how to guide conscious walking in connection with nature, in both individual sessions and with small groups. You will receive detailed instructions on how to organize your first forest bath and ready-to-use communication materials with which to communicate and disseminate it to attract as many people as possible and contribute to a movement that is good for us people, and for the Earth.

Find out the full details of this workshop by downloading the Nature Coaching presentation.


Diana Tedoldi

A Professional Certified Coach (PCC-ICF) member of the International Coach Federation.

Diana has been working in the corporate world since 2000 as a strategic consultant, trainer and facilitator of leadership development processes and teamwork), and with the desire to bring them in the most effective and sensible way possible in an approach to Coaching in connection with Nature, to train resources of well-being for people – and for the planet.

Wolfgang Knorr

International Ambassador (Nature Coaching Academy)

As far as I can think back in time, I was fascinated by the natural world and the mystery of life. As a child, I studied the squirrels in the nearby forest, the birds, the ants, and how the water would run its course.

Later on, it was the mystery of quantum mechanics that caught me, the realisation that even in abstract science, in the end, observer and observed are one.
For me, the realisation of one-ness in the absence of time, that is the essence of nature awareness.

So I studied physics, researched quantum mechanics on big computers at the dawn of the internet, found it too detached from nature, become a climate scientist for 27 years, and then dropped out of academia to have more time for climate change activism, nature experience, and my family.
I am a member of Yoga Science, in Thessaloniki, with whom I do nature meditation and walks here in the beautiful, densely forested mountains of Pelion, Central Greece, the home of the Centaurs.

My latest project is to build up a retreat centre here in Pelion with my wife Marina, and our partner Stathis from Athens, and to establish it as a Nature Coaching Headquarter for the Eastern Mediterranean.


Maieutic-Somatic Coaching, ANIMAL LEARNING PRINCIPLEs, 4E LEARNING theory

 The Nature Coaching training course allows you to acquire the 11 core competencies of coaching in accordance with the model and definition of the International Coach Federation. The approach to the development of the coachee’s potential in Nature Coaching is based on maieutic dialogue, listening, somatic intelligence awakening and the integration of Animal Learning Principles and Embodied Embedded Extended Enacted Learning Theory. You will learn how to guide Nature Coaching sessions both indoors (in the studio) and outdoors (gardens, parks and forests).


Numerous scientific researches show how mindfulness in connection with Nature helps people to find centring, alignment between needs, values, objectives and action, strengthening their decisional skills, self-esteem and self-agency. The result is that people gradually feel more and more themselves, discovering and living their own value and uniqueness. The Nature Coach, by facilitating the client’s reconnection with the “external landscape”, helps him or her to also reconnect with the “internal landscape”, in a mutual mirroring that grows in what we call “Natural presence“.

Biomimicry, System Thinking, Circular thinking, Wild Thinking

Nature is a primary source of knowledge and learning, with over 3.8 billion years of R&D, facing dramatic changes with grace and genius, developing innovation and ideas for sustainable and regenerative living, with benefits for all living beings, continuously creating conditions conducive to live. A Nature Coach needs to know the basics of biology, biomimicry, system thinking, wild and circular thinking, to expand the views of the coachee and enable the ability to make responsible choices within the complex systems that each of us is, and that we all live in.

Ecology, ECOSOPHIA and Eco-philosophy

There can be no human well-being without the well-being of the planet. That’s why I talk about “Life-Centered Learning”. At the Nature Coaching Academy, you will learn how to sustain life forces either in your personal life and within the wider context of your relational ecosystem. You’ll develop a felt sense of interconnection with the land and with other non-human living beings. You will step out of anthropocentrism, to embrace an eco-centric approach. You’ll also become aware of the impact of your consumer-style on the well-being of the biosphere, making UN Sustainability Goals your everyday mindset. 

Nature Coaching Pelion Greece


All participants will be provided with a certificate of attendance stating the number of hours completed, the topics of the course and the qualification obtained – Nature Coach. 

You will be included in the page of the website dedicated to professionals trained by the Nature Coaching Academy, with your profile and the title acquired (Forest Ambassador for those who have only attended the module on Forest Bathing, Forest Coach and Nature Coach for those who have followed the complete path in 4 or 5 modules);



A majestic mountainside paradise deeply immersed in nature, with deep lush green vegetation and a beautiful surrounding coastline with stunning beaches waiting to be explored.

Drone shot of a village in Pelion


  • Become an accredited nature coach professional
  • 5-nights’ accommodation at the luxurious villas of Pelion Homes
  • Exclusive access to the Pelion Homes retreat space with course members
  • On-site brunch and dinner included 
  • Complimentary herbal teas and fruits all-day
  • Time to relax by the pool or explore the beaches, villages and forest of Pelion


  • Learn an effective methodology that will help other people to tune into their most authentic nature, connecting with their organic intelligence, learning to look at daily challenges through the eyes of nature and using its strategies to empower their lives?

  • Learn how to develop your coaching sessions in partnership with the deep forces of Nature?

  • If you’re already a coach looking for a way to stand out from other coaches, by learning how to integrate the work with the 8 Natural Archetypes Rose & Compass into your work?


Aspiring coaches: who wish to acquire both the 8 Core coaching competencies as defined by the International Coach Federation and the distinctive competences of Forest Coaching® and Nature Coaching at the same time.

Professional coaches: who wish to acquire a specific competence in conducting coaching sessions in connection with Nature, to expand the client’s awareness in facing personal challenges, unveiling personal potential and rooting a caring, empathic, gentle, respectful and regenerative attitude towards self and nature.

Nature enthusiasts The programme is open to anyone wishing to deepen the regenerative, inspiring and transformative power of Nature, in order to use it in their personal and professional life – Trainers, coaches, educators, teachers, social workers, therapists, professionals in holistic disciplines or other professionals in the field of personal care and human development are ideal recipients of this course.


    • The hosts speak: English, Italian & Greek
    • The maximum participants is 26 people
    • All levels are welcome to attend this programme
    • For more information, you can download Diana Tedoldi’s introduction to Nature Coaching e-book here.



Price is per person and includes access to the coaching program, accommodation & food. 

Accommodation is in the Pelion Homes private villas shared for 3-7 guests per villa depending on size and availability. Some have private pools.

  • Twin Room: Choose to stay in a twin room with shared bathroom facilities | €875.00
  • Single Room with shared bathroom: Enjoy a spacious single room for your privacy with shared villa bathroom facilities | €975.00
  • Single Room with ensuite bathroom: Looking for a little more privacy? Choose our most luxurious accommodation option with a king-sized bed and private ensuite bathroom | €1075.00.

For more information or to reserve your place please contact or call Stathis on +30 693 254 8122.

All participants must sign and submit the Pelion Homes Retreat Agreement in order to attend this program.


The retreat includes two (2) daily vegetarian or vegan meals, brunch and dinner. We will experience hearty Mediterranean organic food with ingredients picked from the retreat centre garden. Packed lunches will be provided for days away from the Retreat Centre, as well as snacks and fruit will be available throughout the day.

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