Our team at Pelion Homes organises a wonderfully curated calendar of nature and wellness retreats in Pelion. Hosted at our Pelion Retreat Centre with the Bedouin style tent, rooted in a beautiful orchard with uninterrupted mountain and sea views. 

We are working with leading world-class instructors, each offering a very unique experience to the next. Daily practices suited for all levels, tailored seminars and workshops, guided excursions, complemented by an infusion of nutritious and delicious vegetarian Mediterranean food served in our beautiful communal space.

Would you like to join us? We would love to meet you!

May 2021

6-Day Yoga, Meditation & Nutrition Retreat

Join us for an unforgettable communal experience this May with Berlin-based Sünne & Stassy in the lush green mountain of Pelion in Greece, also known as “the healing mountain”. After the successful retreat in 2020 this lovely duo is coming back to Pelion to share their knowledge and love!

More info about Sünne Lisa

May 2021

5-Days of Yoga, Detox & Meditation

Learn how to activate your self-healing powers through an alkaline nutrition plan and detoxing yoga practice in the surrounded by mountains and sea!

June 2021

6-Days of yoga, storytelling & exploring of ancient Greek myths and nature

A yoga retreat, where we will come to meet the heroes of ancient myths, explore the lush nature of Mt Pelion where their myths were unfolded, embody them in yoga flows & asanas, listen to their stories at night by sky observation through a telescope.  An authentic experience that most people are unaware they could discover in Greece.

More info about Journeys By Nat

June 2021

3-Days of daily yoga, meditation and conscious spiritual connection

We welcome back Yoga Science for a 4th consecutive year at their first yoga retreat for 2021. This is the group that has ignited the spark for the creation of our Retreat Space in Pelion. So expect lots of love and conscious intentions when you join us this summer

More info about Yoga Science

June 2021

5-Days of Hatha yoga, Voicing, Mantras and Meditation

The time has come for us to connect with the source of existence to all things. We are called upon to see what binds us to all the things around us, and to cultivate the path at which our inner world talks to the outer world. Join us for this spiritual quest where we will work with the elements of nature to look inside. 

June 2021

A holistic 6-days of creative and mindful explorations

A unique six days of yoga, well-being, creative activities, art and crafts, gardening, cooking and travel experience in the lush nature of Pelion. Guided by Virginia, Simos and Eleni, three incredibly creative souls that will guide you to your summer week of bliss.

July 2021

Join our 7-day holistic retreat focused on the importance of the breath.

Join our holistic retreat with talented Amsterdam based Mirka and Efsevios. This retreat is focused on relaxing and restoring body and mind through playful and dance movement, as well as breathing exercises. Anasa means breath in Greek and will shall praise this gift!

July 2021

7-Days of Movement, Dance & Idyllic Restoration

Step into SuryaSoul – When Yoga becomes a Dance of Life. A magical conscious dance practice that aims to spread the wings of unity around the world, by first creating unity within ourselves and with our community. An inspiring blend of Yoga, Tao, Chakra Journeying, Mantras and Mudras is combined with unique world music.

September 2021

7-Day Autumn Restorative Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Join Kristina Assimakopoulou from Hygia Yoga, on a relaxing and magical retreat experience in Pelion. A spiritual journey like non-other, to refresh your mind, body & soul. 

September 2021

The 3 Keys To Success - Balance, Wellness & Abundance

It is with great pleasure that Elena Mouratidou invites you to this LIFE training! A deeply transformative and educational training that will help us unfold our talents and train us to perfect our limitless potential.

Training course by: Elena Mouratidou

September 2021

3-Day Holistic Lifestyle retreat in Pelion

After last year’s sold-out and successful retreat, we return to the beautiful mountainside region of Pelion, surrounded by wonderful people to say goodbye to Summer and welcome Autumn, all together.

Retreat hosted by: Elena Mouratidou

September 2021

Level 3 | KRI Advanced Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

A wonderful journey into the depth of your self in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga. ‘Open To All’.

Hosted by: Sungalaa

September 2021

6-Day Yoga, Meditation & Nutrition Retreat (part 2)

Sünne & Stassy return to Pelion Homes to deliver a specially curated Autumn Mountain & Sea retreat. Yoga, meditation, nature experiences, health & nutritional seminars, hiking and much more! This retreat ‘Sold Out’ last year, so make sure you secure your place in time!

More info about Sünne Lisa

October 2021

Level 2 | Advanced Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training
29.09.2021 – 05.10.2021

Sungalaa invites you to the Level 2 KRI international program of Advanced Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.

October 2021

5-Day Forest Bathing & Nature Coaching Experience hosted by Diana Tedoldi

Join us for the first-ever Forest Bathing and Nature Coaching programme in Greece, hosted by The Nature Coaching Academy. Become a Forest Bathing and deep nature connection facilitator. Learn how to coach in partnership with nature.

Facilitated by: Nature Coaching

Trust the unknown!

October 2021

Join us for this unique 6-day healing retreat

Vicky Tomsky from Israel – based in Athens – has created a specially curated 6-day retreat with yoga, meditation, exploration & delicious heartwarming cuisine on the majestic Pelion mountainside.

Retreat hosted by: Vicky Tomsky

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