Pelion architecture is unique and special, and you’ll be struck by it in different ways as you discover each of the villages and their individual charms.


Broadly speaking, we can divide Pelion architecture into three main periods: the first period of “early Pelion architecture” includes buildings built up to the mid-18th century. Most of these buildings have a square floor plan and are built with local stone. Their floors are usually built from stone and wood. The external walls are double, there is an elevated entrance, and there are small symmetrical windows.


The second period of architecture is the “classical period”, which covers 1750 to 1850. The majority of the mansions that were built at this time have a stone base with two or three floors, reminiscent of the early towers. The roofs are covered with Pelion slate, protecting the houses from the weather. Internally, the mansions have rich painted decorations, while on the exterior, decorations include motifs and inscriptions.


The third period architecture “Late Pelion architecture”, flourished for thirty years from 1860 to 1890, where neoclassical buildings appeared in Pelion. These buildings were more influenced by contemporary Egyptian architectural styles of the era. These mansions are characterized by simple lines, perfectly symmetrical facades, and marble details. Large symmetrical windows, ornate wooden doors, and grand staircases complete the constructions. Of course, it is not only the mansions that fascinate visitors, but also the scattered religious monuments and fountains with representations of the plant and animal kingdom, as well as mythology.


There are also 42 stone bridges, which are part of the unique architecture of Pelion! Most of them are stone and arched, and they connect well with the nature around them. Pelion architecture is harmoniously matched with the natural environment and this makes it truly unique!



Church built on the top of a hill in Pelion. It’s representative of the architecture of the region.

An amphitheater built with local stone. In the background the Aegean sea at dusk.

A traditional stone house in Pelion and the blue sky. The architecture of the region is unique.

A traditional house built with local stone. Admire the colours of autumn in Pelion.


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