Alexia Okto Yoga Athens

‘2 Day Yoga Retreat’

Okto Yoga Shala Athens | 09.10.20 – 11.10.20

With Alexia Siouti.


Join us on a wonderfully curated 2 day Yoga retreat. The perfect chance to relax and enrich your mind and body with Okto Yoga Shala in Pelion. 


As well as daily Yoga sessions at the new retreat center you will also have the chance to explore the stunning Pelion mountainside with a guided tour and excursions. 


You will be staying at the luxury Pelion Homes Villas, close to the retreat space and located next to the charming and picturesque village of Agios Georgios. 



Meet the instructor:

Alexia Okto Yoga Shala Athens


Alexia – Alexia Siouti is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. She has completed numerous teacher training programs and workshops in various forms of yoga with worldwide respected teachers.


She has been trained especially in yoga therapy as well as in other forms of body-mind therapy systems (Feldenkrais, Body mind centering, Pilates). In addition, she has completed a training course in spine works.


Alexia Okto Yoga Shala Athens class


Her interest for Eastern thought and philosophies begins during her studies of Greek Philology at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.


Due to her longtime professional experience in dance she has a deep knowledge of anatomy and of the functions of the human body. In addition, she feels respect for the connection between body and mind and the way they interact through practice.


Over the last decade she has focused her practice and teaching on Ashtanga yoga and for the last five years she runs her own Ashtanga Yoga Shala in the center of Athens, Okto Yoga Shala Athens.


Okto Yoga Shala Athens


She teaches focusing on breath for the concentration of the mind and the expansion of vital energy. She also teaches focusing on alignment for the body therapy as well as on relaxation and the development of positive attitude towards life. She believes that yoga is a way experiencing life more consciously, healthily, peacefully and at the same time bringing harmony between the inner self and the world.



Our mornings will begin with a warm welcome of the day with our Ashtanga yoga practice to energize our body and mind.


We will continue our afternoons with gentle practices, breathing exercises and deep relaxation. In our free time we will trek, relax and discover the beautiful place…


Practicing yoga, morning and afternoon, is designed to provide participants with tools to expand their awareness, improve their relationship with the body, feel and care for it, release restrictive patterns in movement and in the way they do. And in a methodical, natural way to create the changes needed to bring more balance, peace and joy to life.


The purpose of Okto Yoga Shala retreats is to inspire and stimulate a better quality of life and a more harmonious connection with the Self and the people around us.


“My personal belief is that we are all blessed and capable of self-healing and happiness. The practice of yoga and all the esoteric practices are tools that power and nourish us for this personal transformation journey. ”   


– Alexia




  • 2 Daily Yoga Sessions 

    Morning practices – A very warm welcome of the new day with practices on rekindling and activating of the body and the mind.

    Evening practices – Gentle practices of relaxation, meditation, pranayama and restorative yoga.

  • 2 Daily Vegetarian Meals

  • Luxury Accommodation

  • Private Swimming Pool (in some villas)

  • Guided hike and herb foraging tour in Pelion

  • Trip to a highlight beach with packed lunch




  • The organizer’s speaks: English & Greek


Skill level:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


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