Wild Foraging in Pelion

Wild foraging Excursion in Pelion: Collect your food from the forest

Observe, learn and pick fruits, wild greens and mushrooms in Pelion

Live a completely different experience by learning something new! If you a nature lover and you like hiking then you should try one of our Wild Foraging Excursion in Pelion.

Depending on the season in Pelion we are aiming for different lovely goods that mother nature provides us! Early summer we go for cherries, wild greens, wild strawberries and wild mushrooms.

During summer we go for figs, peaches, blackberries and many more wild fruits that we turn into our jams for our guests breakfasts. In Autumn we harvest apples, almonds, wild mushrooms, chestnuts and other wild fruits.

Every excursion is carried out with knowledgeable local guides where they teach us how to choose the best produce and avoid what we should not consume.

Beyond the mushroom hunting or wild foraging excursion, you will have a unique experience where you will see Pelion on a different lens.

It is a unique experience that can be shared with your friends or can do together as a family as it is a beautiful adventure for children exploring the nature.

All you have to do is dress in warm and comfortable clothes and go out for it. We will provide you with the necessary equipment that you may need (baskets, cutters etc) so that you can concentrate on the fun part!

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Prices start at 30 € per person (minimum of 4 people).

Activity usually last 2-3 hours. Price includes a light snack and water as well as carrying and cutting equipment.

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