Meet the Team


Stathis is the owner of Pelion Homes and team leader. He has three big passions, among other smaller ones! – Pelion, architecture and travelling. He also loves to spend time in the forest and to cook for his friends.

Having travelled for two years in South America and lived for more than 10 years in London, he has come back to Pelion to re-discover himself in this magnificent natural location and share this experience with people from around the world. He believes that true luxury dwells in special moments with loved ones surrounded by beautiful unspoiled nature.

Apart from being the mastermind behind the operations of the Pelion Homes, he takes care of every detail when it comes to decorating and preserving the understated elegance of the villas. Stathis with his team makes sure you will have plenty of reasons to come back to Pelion. He knows Pelion like the back of his hand and is always happy to share with you the secrets of Pelion – restaurants, beaches, trekking paths, hideaway spots, kids friendly places and more. And not only will he share, but he and his team will take care of everything on your behalf.


Nicholas visited Pelion whilst travelling around Greece with his wife and fell in love with what he now calls his home & paradise! He’s a core part of the business development in Pelion Homes and in helping to establish positive relationships and planning events with retreat organisers from all over the world. Having a passion for Marketing & Events Management, he’s worked in a number of the UK’s top creative agencies which ensures he is able to deliver truly memorable experiences for our guests and retreat organisers! Nicholas has explored all of Pelion and has the best recommendations to share with new friends and visitors. He’s a music enthusiast, loves attending festivals, eating (mostly Japanese & Thai food), traveling & outdoor activities such as snowboarding and skydiving! 


Ali is our true go to turning point at Pelion Homes. He has been a solid pillar in the development of the retreat space and has befriended everyone passing through. Coming from Iran but living in London for more than 25 years he is contributing a true multicultural vibe and knowledge to our community.  He always has a smile on his face and has a very calming, humble and uplifting aura which draws the love of our friends, visitors and guests. Ali is an experienced cook by love and has a big passion about baking. It’s not a rare sight to see retreat participants waiting to try some of his famous freshly baked bread first thing in the morning where he will always offer with a big smile on his face!


Dimitris, also an architect and a restless soul, is the initiator of this project in Pelion. He has lived in the region for more than 45 years and knows very well how it feels to spend time in this magical place. He started a small family  business by designing and constructing individual holiday homes that are for sale. In collaboration with his son Stathis, they worked together for more than 5 years to slowly develop what is now Pelion Homes. Holiday accommodations that feel just down to earth your home away from home!

And yes, many of those properties are for sale should they will been discovered by their new future owners! More info about property sales in Pelion you can find here.


Maria is the hidden treasure of Pelion Homes!  Married to Dimitris for many many years, they both share they love of Pelion! Maria has a background in interior design and scenography, no wonder that those tiny details that make all that difference are in place in every single house. She loves to take care of people and she has put a lot of her heart in this place.


Eleftheria is our superstar! She is the housekeeper for most of the houses and she is the one to make sure that each one is spotless clean and ready for you! She has put a lot of love to this place and she takes care of all the little details that welcome you here at Pelion Homes. Most flowers you’ll find in the house come from her garden!

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