How to get to Pelion

Access Pelion

From Athens & Thessaloniki

Visitors can travel to Pelion by bus or car. Volos is 3,5hours away from Athens and about 2,5 hours from Thessaloniki. In order to reach PELION HOMES you need to pass the city of Volos and on the way to Argalasti via Agria and Lehonia. Then you will come across a junction to the left towards Agios Vlassis, Agios Georgios Nilias and Pinakates villages. On your way up the mountain after the village of Agios Vlassis and just before entering the village of Agios Georgios Nilias you will see a sign with direction to Taxiarhon Monastery to the left. Driving towards the monastery you should see a narrow uphill dirt road to your right hand with a small sign pointing towards the houses. Take this road for 150m ahead and you will reach your destination.


From & To Meteora

The UNESCO heritage site of Meteora is only 2,5hours away from our houses making it an ideal daily excursion opportunity.


Flying to Volos

You can also reach Volos by plane. The closest airport to Pelion is the airport of Nea Anchialos, about 30 km from Volos. This airport works only in summer and receives charters and low cost flights from abroad. Every time a plane arrives, there are buses to transfer visitors to Volos. From Volos, visitors can take the bus to the villages of Pelion. There are daily national buses (KTEL) and their routes to the largest villages are frequent and daily, while the routes to the smaller villages are more sparse. Renting a car is also available at the city of Volos or directly at the airport of Volos.


From & To Skiathos

If you are already visiting Skiathos you can easily reach Pelio via a fast ferry to Volos. Alternatively, you can take a small boat from Platanias to Skiathos and back.

A hummingbird moth in the Pelion Homes retreat centre garden
Agios Georgios, Pelion in Winter

Please contact us for any assistance you may need in organizing transport

Please contact us for any assistance you may need in organizing transport

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