Pelion Homes specialise in ‘Pelion villas‘ and ‘Immersive Slow-Paced Travel Experiences in Pelion, Greece.

Pelion Homes specialise in ‘Pelion villas‘ and ‘Immersive Slow-Paced Travel Experiences in Pelion, Greece.

If you’re looking for balance in life and want to explore paradise in nature, you’re in the right place. Our love and genuine passion for Pelion and the natural environment attracts returning guests and friends from all around the world!

We are a family who has fallen in love with the beautiful mountain called Pelion. For the past 40 years, we have been spending many months each year in the stunning village of Agios Georgios Nilias. Enjoying the tranquillity and slow pace of this stunning region. Moreover, we have invited many friends over the passing years that have fallen in love and keep returning to visit this magical destination.

A few years ago, we created Pelion Homes. A collection of stone-built villas, offering the possibility for our guests to immerse themselves into nature and experience Pelion honestly and exclusively. This along with a series of experiential activities we organise as part of our holistic offering quickly became recognised within the country for offering something unique and special to travellers and tourists exploring Pelion.

Our unique holiday concept harmonically combines beautiful accommodation, surrounded by lush mountainside vegetation. Our guests can choose to participate in natural excursions and experiences such as; Yoga & meditation retreats, community cultural events & educational workshops. Or else have the chance to simply relax in the lush warm sunshine, enjoying peace and quiet.

Enjoy peace & quiet

Visiting and living in the Pelion Homes Retreat centre offers our guests inspiration and, in many ways, helps to transition gracefully from urban living to a more connected slow-paced lifestyle in Pelion. We have setup office work spaces in many of our villas to ensure people can easily intergrate their daily work and business affairs, whilst being up in the mountain with friends and family, if they wish to do so.

As a community, we are organically growing in numbers and our core values are opening to embrace mother nature in all aspects. Now more than ever are we focused on implementing a sustainable set of principles to further develop our holistic travelling and meaningful approach.

Over the past few years, we have introduced several key principles focusing our energy into harnessing more eco-friendly permaculture techniques to manage the farm and retreat centre. On a social level, this set of principles is a chance to have fun, learn and bring people together towards living in balance with each other and equally within our ecosystem.

Let’s reconnect with life. Let’s reinvent ourselves. Visit us and let’s share the experience!

Meet the Team

All this could not happen without the shared efforts and expertise of our team. Meet the people behind Pelion Homes.

Our Vision

A home away from home

We were inspired many years ago to create an off the beaten track community. A community eager to embrace nature and explore the enchanting secrets of Pelion as a region. Where knowledge and traditions could be shared amongst friends and family from all around the world.

Our underlying ethos and philosophy are to establish a serene community, where people staying with us will have a home away from home. The opportunity to seamlessly fuse their urban living lifestyles within a peaceful natural environment. To provide an educational platform to share knowledge, local wisdom and expertise through teaching programmes and workshops within the peaceful framework that Pelion offers in abundance. To offer the chance for people to be able to adopt a healthier lifestyle, closer to their fellow travellers.

The mythical region of Pelion is a perfect environment to do this. As a truly undiscovered paradise which shines through all four seasons, it offers so much to travellers and visitors passing through or visiting on holiday. It is a source of positive energy for people seeking happiness, longevity and true balance in their lives. A place which openly welcome’s new people and provides an idyllic retreat and sanctuary. Where you can begin a life-changing journey with like-minded people.

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