Facilitator's Overview

Below is a guide for all facilitators hosting their retreat at the Pelion Homes Retreat Centre.

Within the highlighted fields, you will find detailed information related to; The villas, the rooms, room categories & other supplementary topics we provide in addition to and as part of your retreat.

In all cases, the facilitator accepts that it is their responsibility to review all of the below topics in detail and communicate any requests directly with Pelion Homes. For further clarification, please reach out to nicholas@pelionhomes.com. Thank you!


The location.

This paradise is tucked away in the Pagasitikos Gulf in eastern Greece. It is situated on the western side of Mount Pelion and close to the village of Agios Georgios Nilias. The whole area is full of lush green vegetation, relatively untouched and characterised by sweeping mountain vistas, forests, waterfalls, enchanting villages & pristine hideaway beaches.

Pelion Homes Orientation Map

Walking To The Retreat Centre from The Villas.

Approximately 7 minutes, up a slight inclined stone path, from Villa Selini it is approximately 10 minutes. Please be aware of this for any participants with mobility issues.


Walking To The Retreat Centre from The Mansion.

Walking distance to the retreat centre is approximately 5 minutes from the village, up a slight inclined stone path, please be aware of this for any participants with mobility issues.

Travelling to Pelion Homes.

From Volos (30 minutes drive)
From the city centre or ring road, head towards 'Agria'.
Once you reach 'Ano Lehonia', turn left towards 'Agios Vlassios', 'Agios Georgios' & 'Pinakates'.
Pass the outskirts of 'Agios Vlassios' village and carry on the main road. Turn left at the sign for Taxiarhes Monastery, Aloni Theatre & Pelion Homes. After 150 meters turn right on the small road to the villas.

From Athens (4 hours)
Get onto the main E75 motorway, this will take you all the way to EO Volou Larisas / A12 / E92 / EO6. Exit toward 'Volos / Velestino'.
Continue on EO Volou Larisas / A12 / E92 / EO6 - Once you reach 'Ano Lehonia', turn left towards 'Agios Vlassios', 'Agios Georgios' & 'Pinakates'. Pass the outskirts of 'Agios Vlassios' village and carry on the main road. Turn left at the sign for Taxiarhes Monastery, Aloni Theatre & Pelion Homes. After 150 meters turn right on the small road to the villas.

From Thessaloniki (2.45 hours)
Follow A1 to EO Volou Larisas / A12 / EO6 in Feres. Take the EO6 exit from A1
Continue on EO Volou Larisas / A12 / EO6 to your destination as above.



The shala & retreat space.

Conveniently located only a few minutes walk away from the Pelion Homes villas, in Agios Georgios, Nilias. Offering breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the Pagasitikos Gulf and Pelion mountain. A unique and wonderful venue that you will fall in love with. Where you can breathe, unwind and relax whilst embarking upon a new and enlightening spiritual journey. A place where you will be submerged within nature and find your inner self.

The Yoga retreat centre and Bedouin tent is easily accessible and allows up to 24 people when the tent is enclosed, and 32 people to practise yoga or other activities at one time when the tent walls are open. The fully protected internal tent space is 70 m². The open air yoga retreat decking area is 130 m², perfectly shaded by trees surrounding the venue. The venue also offers 360 panoramic views overlooking the Cherry tree orchard and sea views towards Pagasitikos Gulf.  The tent is fitted with mosquito nets, ceiling fans and a wood operated air heater for extra comfort dependent on the season.

Props wise, you will have use of the below at the shala; If you are hosting a large group, please ask that all participants bring yoga mats with them to ensure everyone has a mat during the retreat.

  • PA Sound System (2000w bluetooth sound system)
  • 14 Yoga Mats
  • 20 meditation pillows
  • 20 blankets
  • 40 cork bricks
  • White board & pens

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Heartwarming food made with love.

Located next to the retreat centre on the Pelion Homes farm, is a large communal space where the retreat guests can relax and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner dependent on your preferences. The food is cooked in the kitchen by our talented chefs, using locally sourced ingredients from our farm and around Pelion. You can expect an infusion of traditional vegetarian & vegan dishes with a mouthwatering twist. The chef's are able to cater for a number of dietary requirements, including gluten free. Any requirements and food allergies, must be provided in advance to arrival.

The dining area itself has a wrap around balcony, with stunning views overlooking the village of Agios Georgios, Pelion mountain and the sea below.

Please note: All villas include some complimentary snacks & refreshments prior to arrival; Coffee, tea, fruits, nuts, salad, bread, eggs.




Retreat Agreement.

Please note following acceptance of retreat dates, a retreat agreement will be provided detailing all the terms and conditions for our collaboration.

Payments & Booking

To reserve a place on a Pelion Homes Retreat, a non-refundable deposit is required, this deposit will be 30% of the full retreat payment unless otherwise agreed. The full payment (outstanding amount) must be paid no later than ninety (90) days prior to the retreat start date, including any amounts for extras such as airport transfers, excursions & room upgrades. 

Facilitator Retreat Cancellation.

  • A cancellation will not be effective unless we receive written confirmation by email.
  • Your 30% deposit paid is non-refundable.
  • If cancellation takes place more than ninety (90) days prior to retreat start date, then any payments made will be refunded minus your non-refundable deposit. 
  • If cancellation takes place less than ninety (90) days prior to the retreat start date, then 100% of the amount paid will be forfeited.
  • Rescheduling the retreat will mean the 30% deposit will be forfeited and is non transferable. A new deposit will need to be paid in order to reserve any future date.
  • Cancelling the retreat after the ninety (90) days will result in the outstanding amount being forfeited.

Pelion Homes Retreat Alteration or Cancellation.

Pelion Homes will always endeavor to support and provide our services to the highest level. However, should any significant alteration to any retreat for which a booking has been made become necessary, the facilitator shall be informed at the earliest convenience. This could be due to factors out of Pelion Homes hands such as force majeure, or extreme weather conditions. The facilitator will be offered a number of new possible dates to choose from, without the refund of any paid amounts, as long as the client has not yet arrived at the retreat space. Any expenses incurred will not be covered by Pelion Homes due to such unforeseen circumstances.

Minimum Participant Numbers.

The minimum participant group number (12) must be met, if it falls beneath this, the facilitator will be liable to pay the difference in attendance based on the twin room rate as agreed for the retreat.

Facilitator - Complimentary Accommodation & Food

Accommodation will be provided with complimentary food to the lead facilitator in attendance on the condition the confirmed participant number in attendance meets 12 people or above. If it falls below this number, there will be an amount charged based on 50% of the retreat twin room rate.

Support Facilitator - Complimentary Accommodation & Food

If a retreat organiser’s partner or co-facilitator wishes to stay in the villa and eat at the communal space, they will need to pay 50% of twin room rate. If the participant attendance meets 14 people and above, the accommodation and food charge will be complimentary for this person.



Travelling to and from.

Athens, Thessaloniki & Volos transfers to Pelion Homes can be arranged with our private minibus. We schedule a designated pick up time and location in order to ensure smooth pick up with our driver. There is a minimum of 10 people for minibus booking. Contact nicholas@pelionhomes.com for a tailor made offer.



We provide a number of nature-based activities with transportation, such as Yoga / beach trips, kayaking, hiking and foraging in the sublime forest. We've been offering guided excursions for many years and can take you to the most beautiful and hidden locations around Pelion. All excursions are planned out to ensure they smoothly fit in with your retreat programme timings.




The village of Agios Georgios.

Located only a few minutes walk from the retreat centre, the traditional and beautiful village of Agios Georgios offers a few nice spots for a coffee, and bite to eat. Feel free to ask us for recommendations.

Slow mindful walks to full day hikes.

There are lots of beautiful hikes you can follow or be led by one of our trusted guides, in and around the retreat centre and the mountain. Ask us for more details, or check out our app below.

Pelion Homes Mobile App:

Feel free to also download your personalised Pelion guidebook-app!
We created this mobile app for our guests, recommending places that you might like to explore and enjoy whilst visiting Pelion! It also keeps you updated with events that you might want to attend, provides information about suggested day trips and much much more. iPhone Link | Google Play Link





Enjoy a massage treatment.

Enjoy a 1 hour treatment. Efsevios incorporates; Thai, deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology and reiki techniques to create a massage that is unique to each person to match each body's needs and release physical as well as emotional blockages. 



Thank you for taking the time to review the above information thoroughly. If you need any further clarification please reach out to nicholas@pelionhomes.com.
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