Well Being

Pelion offers the ideal backdrop to achieving personal well being. Nature is the ultimate healer, from root to treetop, providing for the body’s nourishment and the soul’s elevation. Waking up to immaculate vistas, inhaling the crisp, pure air, and sauntering around mythical forest paths will fill your entire being with a newfound appreciation for life, an unmistakable feeling of wellness and an internal sense of alignment. Join us on the journey of inner peace during your stay in Pelion.

Yoga classes


The unique aura of Pelion lends itself for some of the most exhilarating Yoga practices you have yet undertaken. The magnitude of nature that surrounds you will be the conduit for ascending your spirit to unprecedented levels of zen while your body will be able to adopt an almost effortless flow, with the assistance of our qualified yoga instructor guiding you step by step. Join in on one of our Yoga sessions or let us arrange a private Yoga practice anywhere that inspires you.

Yoga Retreats


If you are in need of a getaway within nature, of you’re an open-hearted, active, and adventurous traveler then the Yoga retreat in Pelion that also combines hiking, is just for you! This unique, tailor-made travel experience will excite all you nature and yoga lovers, especially if your dream is to combine your holiday with a wide variety of invigorating activities for the mind, body and soul.

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