Tai Chi & Qi Gong Retreat – October 2024


14.10.24 – 19.10.24


Taijiquan and Qi Gong have the same positive effect on the health of body and mind.

Qi Gong is an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine and one of the five application methods, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and TuiNa AnMo (Chinese massages), which we will also practise and learn on the trip.

Qi Gong focuses on medicine, Taijiquan on internal martial arts. Promote health and prevent illness through your own activity. Within this retreat, the focus style of Tai Chi will be ‘Chen’.

Join the humble master Volker Bansch for this amazing Tai Chi & Qi Gong retreat experience in the land of Pelion, Greece.

Hosted By Volker Bansch

More Info:

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