Rewilding Retreat with Janna Herberg – May 2023


13.05.23 – 19.05.23


Rewilding for Women is a 6-day Immersion into the sacred lands of the wild feminine. We are on a mission to remember, to reignite, to unearth what it means to be a woman – untamed. We believe that there is a wild seed of potential waiting to be unleashed in each one of us and once unearthed, it could reshape the world as we know it. Our intention for this Retreat is to help you initiate your unearthing.

What is included:

  • Learn about permaculture, cycle of soil from the team of Pelion Center on their local farm.
  • Guided foraging walk picking Medicinal Herbs & Greens in the lush forests of Pelion followed by a cooking session.
  • Dive deep into Gut Healing Foods, Digestive Health & Conscious Eating with Gut Health Expert Iris (Founder of Live Essences)
  • Learn to befriend your Nervous System, why we react in a certain way when we are exposed to “triggers” and how to navigate those moments with more ease.
  • Each day we will start with Elemental Yoga, Rituals and Practices at a beautiful Shala space rooted in a charming orchard with uninterrupted mountain and sea views.
  • Experience an empowering and transformational Breathwork Journey that helps you connect, release and shift unexpressed emotions and clear blocks in the body.
  • Learn to accept, embrace and love your body fully and see it as your greatest ally, guide and teacher.
  • Remember how to connect to inner wisdom, spirit guides and ancestors guided by an Intuitive Healer & Psychic. Liz, who will share on this topic, will be onsite for the whole time supporting you in connecting to your inner oracle & mystic. You will receive your own Oracle Card deck to integrate and continue your practice at home.
  • Discover dance as a form of sacred ritual and how we can harness movement as medicine for soul, body and spirit.
  • Reclaim your voice and liberate its expression from shame, guilt and fear.
  • Journey through the Wild Goddess Archetypes Persephone, Kali and Lilith and learn what it means to embody these goddesses and their strength and power.
  • Understand your gifts and shadows based on Human Design with the help of Iris who’s been studying the system for over 20 years.
  • Create your own natural aroma oil and face oil with pure, high quality ingredients and essential oils. Learn how to slowly detox from highly artificial skin care and cosmetics.
  • All shower and bath products are provided for and 100% natural & locally sourced (Shower Gel, Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste).
  • Rest & replenish during a heart-opening Rose Cacao Circle and Crystal Bowl Sound Healing.
  • Be tended by, lovingly held, supported and nourished by a whole team of experienced Facilitators, Healers, Foragers, Culinary Artists and Mother Earth.

More Info:

Find out more about the Acting Retreat here or email us to request more info

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