Dive Within Yoga Retreat With Vasilis Kaloumenos & Virginia Papapostolou – April 2023


28.04.23 – 01.05.23


A unique and intimate 3-day retreat in the magical region of Pelion. Hosted by: Vasilis Kaloumenos & Virginia Papapostolou.

We are happy to invite you on a magical journey with the destination of contact with yourself and the group. The goal of this retreat is to take a step back from everyday life, to allow serenity and to indulge in organic and human processes. The body is recognized as a perfect tool for contact with the inner space but also as a means of connection with its environment and others. In these three days we will give time to moving inward with the help of yoga, conscious movement, deep relaxation and imagination. Starting from the connection with our core we will try to open the outward movement through dance, massage, exploration, creation and work with the group.

What is included:

The retreat is aimed at yoga practitioners who are in the mood for practice as well as exploration on and off the mat. It is recommended that participants engage in yoga for some time so that there is room for exploration of lived experience, sensations and emotions.

You will have the enjoyment of staying in the Pelion Homes luxury villas throughout the retreat. Plus experience an amazing array of heartwarming and delicious cuisine provided at the Pelion Retreat Centre each day. You’re going to love it!

More Info:

Find out more about the Retreat here or email us to request more info

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