Mountain Bike in Pelion

Cycling or Mountain biking in Pelion

Discover the less known parts of Pelion on your bike!

It is now a common secret that the mountain of Pelion is a paradise for cycling and mountain biking lovers. You can bike on the cobbled paths the locals have been using for centuries and stay speechless of the beauties that will be revealed to you in every pedal.

The final destination may be a remote monastery on an olive grove or a picturesque village. You will cycle on ancient trails that exist for long time. While exploring them you will get an opportunity to see Pelion from a completely different perspective. The temperature is pleasant and the colors, aromas and feel of Pelion will make your trip unique.

All levels are welcome. We will discuss and advise you prior to choosing your tailor made route, depending on your experience, whether children will be present and any other detail that matters, like bike sizes, safety equipment and more. 

Note: Just remember that it is a prerequisite for the event to be organised we need to know few days in advance in order to have time to plan it correctly and check availability of our professional guides.

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Prices start at 70€ per person (minimum 3 people).

Guided route lasts 3-5 hours depending on your level. Uplift to your villa is included in the price.  If you wish to plan a full week on your bike in Pelion please see more information here and contact us to discuss all the details with you. 

Keep in mind that we can also provide electric powered bikes at a small extra cost. 

If you wish to order a bike without a guide the daily rate is €22/day plus €35 to deliver the bikes at your Pelion Homes. 

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