During summer you can explore the numerous beaches both on the Aegean and the Pagasitikos Gulf side. They are ideal for relaxing while taking a nap under the beach umbrellas, or bathing in the amazing Greek sun.


In Pelion Homes we like to design and share with you  tailor-made excursions and activity packs. If you are a more active type we can organise private or group sailboat daily excursions, hiking and mountain biking tours, or you can join us in one of our wild foraging tours in Pelion.

Our team develops custom itineraries that are flexible and exciting for you to remember! Below are some of the services offered that are designed for nature lovers who are intrigued by exploring local culture during their holiday, while relaxing in the comfort of the high-quality Pelion Homes villas. 

If you wish to experience additional activities, please contact us and our team will tailormade a suggestion for you. 

01 | Private Sailing Day Trip

Just close your eyes and picture this: An azure sky above a glistening, calm sea. The horizon stretching infinitely in front of you; intercepted only by dots of luscious, green islands with pine and olive trees reaching down to sea level. Let us organise a private sailing trip for you to remember!


02 | Mountain Biking

If you love cycling or mountain biking then you can discover the less known places in Pelion on one of our guided bike tours. Pelion offers diverse terrains and landscapes for bike lovers to roam. A true paradise for action and fun. We can alter and tailor-made the routes according to your level upon request. 


03 | Wild Foraging in Pelion

Pelion is a destination where most of the seasons there is something wild growing in the forest or the hilly olive groves. Join us accompanied by our local expert guides in one of our Pelion Foraging Expeditions to find and collect mushrooms, berries, figs, apples, wild greens and so on.