Traditional Dances Seminar & Cultural Exploration in Pelion

“The dances of our land”. Traditional Dances in Pelion

Explore Mount Pelion and its secret treasures in this 8 day travel exploration and cultural exchange journey, while enjoying an unforgettable dance experience with Maria Christara in Pelion, Greece.


This 8-day holiday is perfect for those who would love to explore the not-so-well-known parts of Greece and wish to discover its beauty, meet local people, understand local traditions and culture, and indulge in some quality relaxation. Our goal is to offer an enriching, fulfilling, and bonding experience for groups and individuals, while connecting with nature through the magnificent and diverse landscapes that Pelion has to offer.


Our Pelion Homes team offers a unique tailor-made travel experience for nature and dance lovers who would like to combine their holidays with a wide variety of activities. On four days, a professional dancer will teach you traditional Greek dancing (no need for prior experience) and show you the history of rural Greece in carefully-designed excursions.


Dance practices will be held at the beautiful open air old threshing mill, which has been converted into an open air theatre (Aloni Theatre) near Pelion Homes.


This diverse experience gives you the opportunity to learn something new, share experiences with others, and unwind in the comfort of the high-quality Pelion Homes villas in Agios Georgios Nilias

  A few words about Maria Christara

Maria was born in 1984 and started dancing at the age of 5 in “Naiades” Folklore Research Association. She continued as a member and later as dancer in “Dora Stratou” dance theatre, while she prepared herself for the introductory exams of Greek Ministry of Culture in classical dance school “Rallou Manou”.

For the last twenty years, she has been doing on-the-spot folklore research in various places in Greece. She has attended international conferences for dance research in Europe and “Carl Orff” music-kinetic education seminars for children in pre-school age until their teenage years. She organises seminars in Greece and abroad where she teaches popular and less popular Greek folklore dances from Crete, Pontos, Cappadocia, Istanbul, Asia Minor, and Marmara. She has taken part in various dance performances in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, and in the palace of H.M. King Mohammed VI of Morocco, in Marrakesh.

She has collaborated with Greek traditional music orchestra “Estudiantina”, G.Dalaras, Glykeria S.Papazoglou, G.Andreatos, and Ch.Aidonidis. Maria has studied byzantine music, traditional song, and speech. She is also specialised in Latin-American and European ballroom dances (Cuban Style) and she was the owner of Gene Kelly Dance Studio in Halandri.

She took part in the opening ceremony of Olympic Games “Athens 2004″ and she is member of International Organisation of Folk Art (I.O.F World) and International Council of Dance (C.I.D.)


FIRST DAY. Intro to Traditional Dances in Pelion (1 & 1/2 hours)

Introduction to the history of the Greek Traditional Dances. Discussion on its authenticity and the differences on the form and rhythm when compared to other forms of dance. Discussion on the traditional costumes and objects used at the dances, references to the celebrations and festivals held in Thessaly. The talk will be accompanied by a slide projection and wine tasting.


SECOND DAY. Traditional Dances practice (3 hours)

Maria will teach five dances: Siganos (Crete), Zaramos (Florina), Sirto sta dio (Epirus), Sousta Kozanis, Chasaposerviko (Minor Asia)


THIRD DAY. Traditional Dances practice (3 hours)

Learning five new dances, three of which come from Thessaly. Omal (Pontus), Issos (Kalymnos), Berati (Thessaly), Karagouna (Thessaly), Klistos Argitheas (Thessaly)


FOURTH DAY. Traditional Dances practice (1 & 1/2 hours)

Revision of the 10 different dances taught the two previous days, focusing especially on the one

 8 day travel itinerary:

Traditional Dances Seminar and Cultural Exploration Day 1

Arrival day/ Athens

Pick up from ATH airport (Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport)* we advise you to take a morning flight/ or best arrive during morning hours.

  • Check In to the Hotel in Athens – Treat drinks and orientation
  • Siesta time/ Free time to relax and recharge your batteries
  • Visit Plaka neighbourhood
  • Private dining sampling traditional Greek food and wine, prepared by private chefs for you, in a specially selected private venue in Athens – we will take under consideration any food preferences
  • Free time to explore the city and the vibrant nightlife of Athens


Traditional Dances Seminar and Cultural Exploration Day 2 

Athens sightseeing / Acropolis – Trip to Mountain Pelion

  • Mediterranean breakfast at the hotel in Athens
  • Visit the Acropolis with private guide
  • Trip to Mountain Pelion (three and a half hours drive)
  • Stop in Volos for lunch at a local tsipouradiko ( traditional tavern ) for meze (greek tapas) and tsipouro ( local drink).
  • Arrival at Pelion Homes: unload your staff and make yourself feel like home.
  • Free time to rest
  • Meeting of the whole group / Introduction to the course and the cultural background by Maria (1&1/2 hours)
  • Welcome drinks and homemade Pizza with organic products offered by the Pelion Homes team.

 Traditional Dances Seminar and Cultural Exploration Day 3

Getting to know the area & 1st dance seminar

  • Breakfast at home: we offer you a few culinary inspirations in every home, where you will find some fresh ingredients for your breakfast (coffee, milk, teas, fruit, fresh eggs, cheese, local nuts, bread, butter, honey, homemade marmalade, handmade muesli).
  • Visit the historical sites of the area (The Monastery of Taxiarchon 1309, the old church in the square of Milies with unique frescoes dating from 1741 to 1774 & The Archaeological site of Dimini).
  • Lunch at a traditional tavern. (alcohol & beverages excluded)
  • Free time to relax.
  • 1st Dance seminar: 18:00-21:00 (3 hours)


Traditional Dances Seminar and Cultural Exploration Day 4

Hiking & 2nd dance seminar

  • Breakfast at home
  • Moderate hike excursion (2 hours)
  • Lunch at a traditional tavern. (alcohol & beverages excluded)
  • Free time to relax
  • 2nd dance seminar: 18:00-21:00 (3 hours)


Traditional Dances Seminar and Cultural Exploration Day 5

3rd dance seminar & Music and dance evening at the Agios Georgios square

  • Breakfast at home
  • 3rd dance seminar: Revision of the dances (1 & 1/2 hours)
  • Lunch at a traditional tavern. (alcohol & beverages excluded)
  • Free time to relax
  • Music & dance evening at the village square. Let’s dance it off! (Food and beverage included)


Traditional Dances Seminar and Cultural Exploration Day 6

Our day trip tour of Pelion

  • Breakfast at home.
  • This route is a full day excursion where you will experience the diversity of Pelion, both in the landscape and the architecture. When we reach the Aegean side there are numerous beaches to choose from (Milopotamos, Damouchari, Mama mia beach) for our swim. Afterwards we will visit Tsagarada, Kissos, Portaria and end up at Makrinitsa. In ‘Portaria’ we will stop at ‘Myrro’ to buy organic herbal teas, hand made creams and cosmetics. A must place to visit.
  • Late lunch after the beach at a traditional tavern. ( alcohol & beverages excluded) Makrinitsa: We will enjoy the sunset from Makrinitsa square, having a drink or a snack. ( extra cost)
  • Driving back to Pelion Homes
  • Free time to relax and reflect the day you just had.


Traditional Dances Seminar and Cultural Exploration Day 7 

Wild mushroom hunting & farewell dinner

  • Breakfast at home
  • This will be our 2nd hike excursion. An experienced guide will take us for a hike for wild mushroom gathering.
  • Lunch at a traditional tavern.
  • Free time to relax and recharge our batteries for our last evening feast.
  • Farewell dinner. Cooking, observing, enjoying. (Beverage included) At your last night at Pelion Homes you will experience a private “traditional feast” offered by the local women. As part of their menu, they will cook the edible mushrooms we collected during our morning hike. If you want you can take part in the cooking process and learn how to do it yourself! During the cooking & eating process, local musicians will join us and they will play music from the region for your ears only.


Traditional Dances Seminar and Cultural Exploration Day 8

Departure trip. Driving to Athens Airport

  • Breakfast at home
  • Trip to ATH airport (Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport)



PRICE includes:

  • All transportation in Greece ( not including flights)
  • Accommodation
  • Half board on all days apart from day 1 and 4 where its full board
  • 4 Dance workshops
  • 1 Cultural seminar
  • 1 day at the beach
  • 1 cooking class
  • 1 moderate hike excursion
  • Music & Dance Evening feast


NOT Included:

  • Flights are not included in the price
  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcohol drinks and beverages


*All seminars are realized with a minimum of 12 up to a maximum of 20 participants. Note: For a Family Price or private room accommodation, please contact us directly so we can tailor-make a perfect quote just for you!


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