Mountain Biking Deluxe in Pelion

Mountain Bike in Pelion! Explore off-the-beaten-track mountain trails of Pelion

Discover three of Greece’s mountains and some exotic beaches, all on your bike! Enjoy our 7 day mountain biking in Pelion experience.

There’s nothing like being out amongst the elements on your bike. Feeling every kind of weather on your skin. Getting to traverse incredible landscapes. Seeing things not visible from a simple car ride or a walk in nature. If you want an adventure holiday, our 7-day tailor-made biking trips are for you. Combine your holiday with sports, the city, and nature to get the best of all worlds.

Greece is known for its delicious Mediterranean food, warm hospitality, and beautiful islands, but most people don’t know that it is actually a mountainous country! This exciting journey kicks off in the historical city of Athens, and continues across three of Greece’s spectacular mountains!


We start in the capital Athens, touring the vibrant city on our bikes. We stop at famous monuments—the Acropolis and the Panathenaic Stadium where the modern Olympics began here in 1896. After the city buzz, we head to the mountains. Our first stop is Mount Parnitha near Athens. Next, we head to Central Greece and Mount Oiti.

Finally, we wind up at Mount Pelion, where you’ll get tons of exploration and riding time. 

We cover some 175-200km on- and off-road across variable terrain paths and trails. You’ll explore the exotic beaches of the Pelion Peninsula and the peaks of the mountain. You’ll ride under the forest canopy and the olive groves.

You’ll experience the diverse scenery first hand, meet local people, and have a drink with them. This adventure is packed with action, nature, culture, and fun!

Please note that all routes are very carefully designed, prepared, and executed by our expert guides.




Mountain Biking Itinerary 

Day 1: Arrival in Athens – Acropolis and Athens city centre

We pick you up from Athens airport (Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport), and to get the most from the day, we advise you to take a morning flight or arrive during morning hours.

After checking in at the hotel and enjoying a refreshing welcome drink, we will begin our exciting city explorations. In the city centre, we’ll visit the cave of Socrates, where the renowned philosopher was imprisoned and died. Next to the cave, there is a lovely hill with a small urban forest, and from here we’ll admire the rock of the Acropolis, and the vast panoramic views of Athens all the way to the sea.

Next, we will visit the ancient theatre of Herodes Atticus and the Panathenaic Stadium. We will explore the various buzzing squares and the distinct quarters of Monastiraki, the old neighborhood of Psirri and Plaka, and the neighbouring districts with their unexpected network of paths through places reminiscent of the Greek islands or mountain villages of the country. You’ll also get the chance to visit a cyclists’ cafe and meet other local bike enthusiasts!

What better way to jumpstart this unforgettable 7-day biking journey to Pelion!


  • Check in to a designated Hotel in Athens – Welcome drinks and orientation.
  • Visit picturesque Plaka neighbourhood.
  • Dinner – Sampling contemporary Greek food while sipping local wine and beers from micro-breweries of Greece, in various selected venues in Athens (we will take into consideration any food preferences).
  • Free time to explore the city and the vibrant nightlife of Athens.



 Day 2 -Trip to Mount Itis, the mountain of Hercules

On the second day, we will travel to Mount Itis on the way to Pelion for some serious trail biking! There’s an early start after a generous, hearty breakfast. In Greek mythology, the end of Hercules’ life was at Mount Oiti, where Hercules was unable to bear the pain caused by the poison on his tunic from his wife Diinarias, and perished in a large fire. There are many other myths about this not-so-well-known mountain, but more importantly, there are magnificent trails for us to follow!

On our visit here, we will explore two of them (one 7.5km and the other 7km). Starting from the fir forest near Greveno summit, we will head to the ancient castle of Ypatis. From there, we will wind down at the famous Thermopylae site, where the great battle between the Spartans and the Persians was fought. After that, we will take an invigorating splash in the outdoor hot springs. After a day of wonderful exploration, the village of Ypati will be our home for the night.

  • Mediterranean breakfast at Pan Hotel in Athens
  • Trip to Mount Oiti in a private van (a packed lunch is offered during the trip with delicacies such as nuts, freshly-made sandwiches, salads, Greek finger food, and bottled water). Special transportation for the bikes is included.
  • Stopover for biking at Mount Oitis.
  • Hot springs and picnic (drinks are included).
  • Overnight stay in Ypati village. 

Day 3 – Welcome to Pelion

Pelion has something magical that few places can offer—a combination of both sea and mountain landscapes. Where the blue of the sea ends, the green hue of the olive groves and the mountainous forest starts. In one action-packed day, we will begin our route from our accommodation in Pelion Homes in the village of Agios Georgios Nilias. We will descend to the coast across paths and rural dirt roads, where we will witness a region unchanged by time. The paths that we will ride on are still used today by local farmers during the olive harvesting season, and have interesting slopes and turns that make them perfect for cycling.

The route will be relaxing, with no major ascents, and we will wind up pedalling by the sea shore in Pagasitikos Bay. We will pass by fishing villages and finish up the journey at a waterfall near the sea. The fresh, cool water of the waterfall is very beneficial for muscle recovery and is a great preparation for the next day’s harder route. At the end of the ride, you can rest and enjoy a beer or two in the picturesque harbour of Kato Gatzea and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Pagasitikos Bay and its surrounding mountains.

  Day 4 – Traversing the local stone paths

Pelion is the most densely-populated mountain in Greece, with no more than 4km separating each settlement or village. Nowadays, local people use the road network for their daily movements. But, in days gone by, there was another vast network of stone paths and trails that connected the villages to transport people, goods, and culture. On the fourth day of our trip, we’ll explore these paths on pedals. The cobbled paths are not only an architectural masterpiece, but also shed light on the way people used to live and work on this magnificent mountain. This day will be bumpy and demanding, but very fulfilling!

 Day 5 – Reaching the peaks

On day 5, we will reach the peaks of Pelion. Pelion reaches an elevation of approximately 1600m above sea level, which is the average height for a mountain in Greece. At the foothills of the mountain, near the sea, we’ll explore the olive groves and fruit trees that grow up to 400m above sea level. Above that, there are wild holly trees, plane trees, and chestnuts, until we reach an 800m elevation where the beech forest starts. From there on, the soil is soft, and the slope is greater. In these forests, there are paths used every year by the Enduro Days, a mountain biking event that attracts huge amounts of participants from Greece and further afield. The paths are constantly being improved and are well-maintained, and the route has been nominated as the best Enduro/All-Mountain route in Greece. This means you’ll experience one of the best biking trails that Greece has to offer!


Day 6 – Exploring Milies trail

The village of Milies is one of the largest and most well-known in Pelion. Here, you’ll find the terminal of the old heritage railway line, which still runs along the south side of the peninsula. Milies, like all Pelion villages, has a large square paved with stones and the perennial plane tree. Our route starts from the highest part of the village, passes through the neighbourhoods and the square, and past the station, following the train line to the settlement of Oglá. The route ends up at the beach, where we’ll enjoy a cold beer, because that’s the best way to top off a hard day’s cycling!


Day 7 – Trip back to Athens

On the last day of our bike journey, we will return to Athens with our minds full of images of the gorgeous landscapes, trails, and paths, exotic beaches, and the people we met along the way. The adventure trip of a lifetime will have come to an end, but should you decide to stay in Athens for longer, we will be more than happy to provide you with tips and ideas on things to do and places to see.


The accommodation

In Athens, you’ll stay at a downtown hotel, right where the heart of the city beats! Pan Hotel is located near most facilities, including bustling bars and cafes. It’s also close to the starting point of our Urban Bike Route and there’s a safe place to keep your bikes there. In Oiti, you’ll stay at a cosy hotel in a small village at the foothills of the mountain. And in Pelion, you’ll stay in our pride and joy—the unique Pelion Homes villas.


Pelion Homes consists of five independent, newly-built, traditional-style houses, with breathtaking views of the sea. Each villa can accommodate 4-8 people, in shared accommodation (max. 2 people per room). Pelion Homes were designed to create a homely environment, with even the smallest details considered. All villas have shared bathroom facilities with two or more bathrooms.


There is a fully-equipped kitchen for guests to prepare any additional meals and snacks that are not included in the retreat. We also provide organic fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, bread, and fresh eggs every day, along with breakfast ingredients (handmade granola, local honey, and more). Staying in one of our villas will make you truly feel at home, but with remarkable, unforgettable panoramic views.



PRICE includes:

  • Airport pick- up and Drop Off (including bike transportation)
  • All Transportation in Greece (bike transport included)
  • 7 days biking trips with professional guides and bike lifts
  • Accommodation during your whole stay
  • Half board on all days (Breakfast & one meal)
  • 4 pack lunches & snacks
  • Welcoming drinks and Farewell dinner


NOT Included:

  • Flights to Greece
  • Personal Travel and accident insurance
  • Meals not mentioned above
  • Alternative activities not mentioned above



  • Mountain Bike Rental either mid-range bicycles or carbon ones. Insurance, helmet, bicycle locks, repair kit will also be provided if hire a bike.


Please note that we need minimum 10 participants to organise this excursion.


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