COVID-19 Travel Update



We advise that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy as soon as your booking is confirmed. Pelion Homes is not liable in the instance a booking needs to be cancelled due to Covid-19. Please note that we are not liable for any other expenses, e.g. flight costs. We will not be held liable, nor pay any compensation, in the event of any injuries, deaths, losses, damages, costs or any other manner of claims if they arise due to the acts or omissions of the person or persons affected, or the acts or omissions of third parties unaffiliated with the service provisions covered within and defined by these terms and conditions.

From 15 March 2022 onwards, travellers visiting Greece are no longer required to fill out the Passenger Locator Form (PLF).
Additionally, as of Sunday 01.05.2022 and for as long as the epidemiological data allow so, all travellers arriving in Greece, regardless of their country of origin, are no longer required to display a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19, or evidence of a negative test result from SARS-CoV-2 infection (PCR or Rapid Antigen test).All info on the latest rules is available here:


We would also like to take the opportunity to reassure all of our guests that we are following public health authority guidance and implementing the necessary cleaning and disinfection measures during this challenging time. We will also be using special disinfectant cleaning products to ensure a high standard of cleanliness is maintained at all times, and to help our guests enjoy an even cleaner and safer stay from check-in to check-out.

Whilst wearing protective gloves and masks, our trained cleaners will follow strict regulations and guidelines. Ventilating all rooms, cleaning and disinfecting; Doorknobs, surfaces, light switches, remote controls, tables, window sills and handles, keys, hairdryers, ironing boards and irons, garbage and recycling bins. Appliances: oven, toaster, cooker, coffee maker. Kitchenware, toilet, sink and bathroom. Bed linens and throughout each bedroom. 

Antiseptic liquids, hand sanitisers, disposable gloves, paper towels, face masks and tissues will be available in all villas for our guests. 

We hope that this gives you some peace of mind and we are all very much looking forward to putting this behind us and welcoming you to Pelion Homes!! 

Stay positive & take care for now.

For the most updated information on COVID and how to protect yourself, please visit the National Public Health Organisation website.

For more information on villa bookings and your stay in Pelion with us, please contact

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