Pagasitikos bay and the Aegean sea, Pelion is a one stop, four seasons, five senses destination for all: Nature enthusiasts, foodies, yoga or history buffs. Peace and quiet lovers and aspiring, amateur or experienced sportsmen and women. Young and old; families with kids; couples in love; spirited groups of friends and solo travellers.




For it is one of these one of a kind, special places in the world that blends a striking- alternating, yet throughout the year fascinating- scenery; with superbly hospitable inhabitants; quaint villages; a rich history and culture; hearty though healthy food and drink; remarkable customs and traditions; a uniquely healing energy and a wealth of immersive experiences to offer.



Mind blowing experiences in Pelion: A prime example of modern luxury


Experiences in Pelion are manifold and varied; as intriguing as they are alluring; engaging the body, tantalizing the spirit, captivating the mind: The ultimate modern luxury in effect; an opportunity to get away from it all; appease your soul and please your senses, regroup, revive and realign. Find inner peace and rediscover how it feels to be like a kid again. In other words, to be present in the here and now.



At Pelion Homes, a much more than a stylish, supremely comfortable home away from home, right at the heart of the picturesque Agios Georgios Nilias village, you’ll find the opportunity to engage in some of the most unforgettable experiences in Pelion. Handpicked with exacting criterions for uniqueness, originality and authenticity and curated by our expert staff, Pelion Homes experiences in Pelion, shall remain forever indelible from your hearts and minds.



To get an idea, just close your eyes and imagine: Skiing at 1 500 meters amidst beech, poplar and chestnut trees against the backdrop of the Aegean. Strolling in postcard perfect villages with smoking chimneys and snow-capped roofs. Exploring medieval monasteries and churches.



Swimming in exotic, virgin beaches with peacock-coloured waters. Hiking in ancient, intricate, yet well maintained, trails and paths. Practicing your OMS  amongst verdant plains with apple trees, oaks, gardenias and hydrangeas.



Going mushroom hunting, rafting, mountain biking, sailing, horseback riding or kayaking and thereafter feasting on organic delicacies, prepared with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients; whilst tasting not only potable, but also incredibly pure water straight from the mountain springs.



Novel travel experiences in Pelion curated by Pelion Homes


Pelion Homes rather than yet another complex of luxury villas, constitute an innovative- off the beaten track- holiday proposal; aiming to open up new horizons, cultivate one’s sense of adventure and engagement; whilst augmenting interpersonal exchange between open minded individuals.



So in the case of Pelion Homes, premium hospitality is manifested through a host of pampering services including the delivery of a sumptuous breakfast basket, to start your days gloriously; the pre-stocking of your villa with gourmet, seasonal treats and local goodies to savor during your stay; a micro brewery beer pack, which is bound to turn even the non-enthusiasts to beer lovers; or private dining so that you may enjoy a Mediterranean inspired meal concocted with the freshest locally sourced ingredients, at the privacy of your villa, in one of the most amazing Pelion private pool villas.



But what makes a world of difference is that this hospitality is enhanced by a plethora of novel travel experiences in Pelion, offered by Pelion Homes to their residents, including various creative seminars, offbeat excursions and wellness retreats.




Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us identify and co-design with you the experiences in Pelion that suit your mood and disposition, party size and composition the most!

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Just close your eyes and picture this: An azure sky above a glistening, calm sea. The horizon stretching infinitely in front of you; intercepted only by dots of luscious, green islands with pine and olive trees reaching down to sea level. Serenity and calmness; merely the sound of dolphins and sea turtles keeping you the best of company as you traverse through the Pagasetic gulf and the Sporades complex, on board your private sailing boat.



This is what sailing in Pelion is about: A once in a lifetime adventure; in which you’ll get to bask in the glory of nature-both mountain and sea; swim in crystal clear, aquamarine waters; visit picturesque villages-or stay off shore in sheltered bays; enjoy cocktails as you watch the sunset from your vantage point in the middle of the sea; bond with family and lifelong friends-or make new ones; and that’s not to mention, experience a superb adrenaline rush!



So how would you like to partake in an unforgettable holiday including some-or more-sailing in Pelion? At Pelion Homes in Agios Giorgios Nilias, rather than simply providing you with opulent accommodation in our collection of autonomous, luxury residences; we aim to open up your perspective, by proffering a host of immersive, novel  travel experiences, to be forever cherished and remembered. To this end we have designed a series of sailing in Pelion excursions; for amateurs and accomplished sailors alike.




Sailing in Pelion: A day trip or a fully fledged holiday?


To give you just an idea you may opt for the day trip to Palaio (old) Triker, a tiny historic island, without vehicles, with a quaint fishing settlement and small quiet beaches; and the Caribbean like, Prasouda islet with the aquamarine waters and the Byzantine monastery on top. Departure is from Volos port or Kala nera; while the trip should take about 2-3 hours. Whilst on board, you may enjoy-along with the spectacular scenery-a special pic nic prepared by the team of Pelion Homes with Mediterranean delicacies and regional treats, as well as some refreshing, crisp white wine. Try this at dusk; as you gaze at the sun setting down, while being gently lulled by the soft waves. You’ll soon find out it is an unbeatable combination-which you may enjoy without worrying in the least as you’ll be safely entrusted in the hands of our experienced skipper.




On the other hand, if you’ re looking for a full on sailing in Pelion experience, you may select our 3 or 5 day sailing packages at the Sporades. Expect sapphire waters and green trees rolling down the hills; in effect a magical landscape to be savored under ideal sailing conditions: The winds and the waves are low even when the meltemi is raging in the Aegean; distances are small and islands’ coastlines form numerous bays providing safe shelter from all wind directions. Get acquainted with the lesser know nooks and crannies of cosmopolitan Skiathos; blue and green, idyllic Skopelos; picturesque Alonissos, home to the protected and rare monachus monachus greek seal; and even remote Peristera island with the lace like coastline or Kyra Panagia with the otherworldly, magnificent Planet bay, at its north side.



This is an one off experience -the likes we wholeheartedly strive to offer at Pelion Homes– to be relished with family and friends; and always under the guidance of our professional skippers. Try sailing in Pelion, and you’ll be forever hooked! Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us co-design the itinerary that suits your party size, composition and individual preferences the most!

Imbued with a special, one of a kind energy since time immemorial, Pelion has always been the choice of myths, gods and humans. Nowadays, in view of our fast paced, stressful and alienating lifestyles, more and more people around the globe have come to understand that these modern day demands can drain us physically, emotionally and mentally, and even make us ill.


With its distinct cosmic loveliness, striking landscape, rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality, Pelion thus beckons all those looking to address these imbalances; and instead reconnect with themselves, nature and fellow human beings; find their long lost balance and equilibrium; and uncover some deeper meaning in their lives.


Yoga, is instrumental to such quests. Simply put, this age old practice stops mental fragmentation; boosts our energy level and brings about focus, mindfulness and wellbeing.

At Pelion Homes we very much realize that we all have bodies, energies and minds, and that our health and happiness absolutely depend on the three working together harmoniously. That is why we are offering a series of tailor made Yoga retreats in Pelion, as well as private yoga lessons, against the backdrop of the cerulean sky, the Aegean sea and the Pagasetic Gulf, at our collection of  autonomous, luxury residences, in one of the area’s most picturesque villages, Agios Giorgios Nilias.


Tailor made Yoga retreats in Pelion


In line with our commitment to providing a host of novel, energizing and immersive travel experiences to all of our guests, our Yoga retreats in Pelion, address beginners, amateurs and expert yoga practitioners alike; while they may vary in terms of length, schedule and composition.


After all, aiming to offer a holistic, all senses experience; without excluding anyone, our Yoga retreats in Pelion, are absolutely customizable to suit different party sizes, individual preferences and needs. You may opt for example to have private lessons at your very own villa; or we can organise a family session with young kids too. Should you wish we may even cater to a vegan or vegetarian diet, throughout the course of your stay.


This means you’ll be practicing your “oms” and supporting your health and happiness from the inside out, at your convenience and in absolute accordance to your desires. You’ ll  also have plenty of opportunities to explore the vast network of Pelion’s mountainous trails; discover its quaint, photogenic villages and historic monasteries; swim in the crystal clear waters of exotic beaches; bask in the famous Pelian hospitality; sample wholesome yet delectable food and drink; make new friends in the process; and -why not- do even some sailing or horseback riding.


Our Yoga retreats in Pelion are all about healing; not just temporary healing but the key to achieving long term health and happiness. Bottom line, enhanced quality of life and a sense of connection to oneself and others; are our ultimate goals at Pelion Homes and with this in mind we’d like to invite you to embark on a journey of well being, healing and self discovery, starting with our Yoga retreats in Pelion. Do not hesitate to communicate with us, tell us what it is you are looking for and let us co-design the yoga-cultural-naturalist, immersive experience that suits you the most. If you are you a yoga teacher, feel free to contact us for your next endeavour, which we undertake to organize in accordance to your imperatives, schedule and budget.


Once the summer residence of the Gods, Pelion is nowadays an iconic destination for the discerning travellers: One that seamlessly blends mountain and sea; untamed nature with picture perfect architecture; luscious orchards with wild forests; the Aegean’s mystique with the serenity of Pagasitikos Bay.


Pelion is a four seasons’ destination; and the best way of getting acquainted with its fantastically diversified scenery is on foot. What’s more trekking in Pelion Greece is ideal for all sorts of nature lovers: aspiring, amateur or experienced sportsmen and women, young and old, families with children, couples in love, boisterous groups of friends…The only thing they need to share in common is their love of nature and a sense of adventure! Discover the diversity of natural landscapes and immerse into the grace of the Gods, by exploring thrilling trails when trekking in Pelion Greece.


Trekking in Pelion

Trekking in Pelion

Bask in nature’s beauty by going trekking in Pelion


Pelion has 24 villages, no further than four kilometers apart from each other; which are interconnected via a well maintained, well marked network of dirt roads and stone paved paths known locally as ‘kalderimia’. Nowadays this intricate web of trails affords ample opportunities for trekking in Pelion, whether you are an experienced athlete or a mere beginner; 100 or 5 years old; fit and sporty or not so sturdy; because these numerous routes differ significantly in terms of length, duration and complexity.

Trekking in Pelion

Among the most notable itineraries for trekking in Pelion is the Path of the Centaurs; recently upgraded and sign-posted, starting from Alli Meria and ending in Alykopetra below Chania. Likewise, other popular routes include MiliesTsagarada; a 10 km hike of medium difficulty that goes from Pagasitikos Gulf to the Aegean sea and takes about four hours to complete. Moreover, you may opt to follow one of the paths starting directly from your Pelion Homes Villa; we have marked down several and some are suitable for your children too.

Trekking in Pelion

Actually the options are vast and varied; and you’ll surely be able to find the hike that suits your tastes, abilities, physical condition and party composition, the most. Of course a little bit of effort is required in any case, but If you are yet to be acquainted with the sport, don’t let this deter you. This time get out of your comfort zone. Walk beyond the places reached by car; follow ancient paths; climb on the tops of this imposing mountainous massif and enjoy the astonishing view in between. Go trekking in Pelion and you’ll surely remember-and cherish the experience forever.

Trekking in Pelion

To give you just a hint, as you descend from Pelion’s peaks- six in total, each and every one of them above 1.450 meters high-you’ll get to see thick woodlands of beech, oak, maple and chestnut trees giving way to fertile valleys with olives, apples and pears. Along the way you ‘ll come across old farms and country houses, antique monasteries and churches and charming, quaint villages; while the numerous springs and streams flowing all year around, will surely keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout the course of your escapade; which, weather permitting, could end with a glorious dip in the sea!

Trekking in Pelion

At the end, your haven of serenity and calm shall be waiting at Pelion Homes. Nestled at Agios Giorgios Nilias, one of the area’s most picturesque villages, this collection of autonomous, luxury residences, much more than your- stylish, ultra comfortable- home away from home, constitute an innovative- out of the box- holiday proposal. Aiming to open up new horizons, at Pelion Homes we offer our guests a plethora of novel travel experiences. Trekking in Pelion is one of them. In particular we organise special 7-day trekking holidays  in May and September (best time for Trekking in Pelion)  for groups of 6-16 people. All tours are completely customizable according to our clients’ needs and desires. Feel free to contact and let us tailor-design an unforgettable hiking and cultural experience in Pelion.