Immersive Experiences in Pelion

Pagasitikos bay and the Aegean sea, Pelion is a one stop, four seasons, five senses destination for all: Nature enthusiasts, foodies, yoga or history buffs. Peace and quiet lovers and aspiring, amateur or experienced sportsmen and women. Young and old; families with kids; couples in love; spirited groups of friends and solo travellers.

For it is one of these one of a kind, special places in the world that blends a striking- alternating, yet throughout the year fascinating- scenery; with superbly hospitable inhabitants; quaint villages; a rich history and culture; hearty though healthy food and drink; remarkable customs and traditions; a uniquely healing energy and a wealth of immersive experiences to offer.

Mind blowing experiences in Pelion: A prime example of modern luxury

Experiences in Pelion are manifold and varied; as intriguing as they are alluring; engaging the body, tantalizing the spirit, captivating the mind: The ultimate modern luxury in effect; an opportunity to get away from it all; appease your soul and please your senses, regroup, revive and realign. Find inner peace and rediscover how it feels to be like a kid again. In other words, to be present in the here and now.

At Pelion Homes, a much more than a stylish, supremely comfortable home away from home, right at the heart of the picturesque Agios Georgios Nilias village, you’ll find the opportunity to engage in some of the most unforgettable experiences in Pelion. Handpicked with exacting criterions for uniqueness, originality and authenticity and curated by our expert staff, Pelion Homes experiences in Pelion, shall remain forever indelible from your hearts and minds.

To get an idea, just close your eyes and imagine: Skiing at 1 500 meters amidst beech, poplar and chestnut trees against the backdrop of the Aegean. Strolling in postcard perfect villages with smoking chimneys and snow-capped roofs. Exploring medieval monasteries and churches.

Swimming in exotic, virgin beaches with peacock-coloured waters. Hiking in ancient, intricate, yet well maintained, trails and paths. Practicing your OMS amongst verdant plains with apple trees, oaks, gardenias and hydrangeas.

Going mushroom hunting, rafting, mountain biking, sailing, horseback riding or kayaking and thereafter feasting on organic delicacies, prepared with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients; whilst tasting not only potable, but also incredibly pure water straight from the mountain springs.

Novel travel experiences in Pelion curated by Pelion Homes

Pelion Homes rather than yet another complex of luxury villas, constitute an innovative- off the beaten track- holiday proposal; aiming to open up new horizons, cultivate one’s sense of adventure and engagement; whilst augmenting interpersonal exchange between open minded individuals.

So in the case of Pelion Homes, premium hospitality is manifested through a host of pampering services including the delivery of a sumptuous breakfast basket, to start your days gloriously; the pre-stocking of your villa with gourmet, seasonal treats and local goodies to savor during your stay; a micro brewery beer pack, which is bound to turn even the non-enthusiasts to beer lovers; or private dining so that you may enjoy a Mediterranean inspired meal concocted with the freshest locally sourced ingredients, at the privacy of your villa, in one of the most amazing Pelion private pool villas.

But what makes a world of difference is that this hospitality is enhanced by a plethora of novel travel experiences in Pelion, offered by Pelion Homes to their residents, including various creative seminars, offbeat excursions and wellness retreats.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us identify and co-design with you the experiences in Pelion that suit your mood and disposition, party size and composition the most!

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