Forest Bathing & Nature Coaching Pelion

Forest Bathing & Nature Coaching experience In Pelion, October 5 – 10, 2021.

An original educational experience is hosted in Greece for the first time!


What we believe, who we are, what we suggest… Man’s relationship with nature is timeless and magical. It’s true that modern man seems to have drifted away from nature and the source of its existence.

Nature Coaching Academy, in collaboration with Pelion Retreat Centre & Pelion Homes, is organising an authentic and holistic experience in nature.

For five full days, from the 5th to 10th of October 2021, Diana Tedoldi, an internationally acclaimed coach (ICF – International Coaching Federation) from Italy, founder of the Nature Coaching Academy will present her first seminar on personal immersion and self–fulfillment in the captivating natural environment of Mount Pelion. The “1st Forest Bathing & Nature Coaching” programme is to be held off the beaten track and far away from the public eye. This unique seminar in the heart of the forest offers a spiritual and physical “adventure”, which is the experience of immersion in the untouched natural environment, widely known worldwide as “nature immersion”.

Greece and especially Pelion is the ideal place to reconnect with nature. To rejuvenate one’s emotions, the ability to introspect and correct perception of space and time.

The effects of the pandemic are being felt by everyone around the world and we are seeing an explosive increase in demand for nature-based learning experiences. Numerous scientific studies have shown that when connecting with nature and through mindfulness, we are able to align our mind, needs, values and enhance our self-efficacy to a much higher level.

“The feeling that we are part of nature is key to a better world. As a scientist and former scholar, I wanted to contribute to change by bringing this unique educational programme to Greece. There is so much we can accomplish, simply and only by finding the right connection with nature within us.” Says Wolfgang Knorr, Greek Ambassador for Nature Coaching Academy.


Nature Coaching Greece


During this five-day programme, our guests will have the opportunity to experience individual and group outdoor practices integrating mindfulness and bodywork as well as “forest bathing” (Shinrin-Yoku), a deep contemplative experience in synergy with the forest. 

Between these activities, our guests will have free time to discover the secret corners of the forest and to savor heavenly tastes and rich culinary delights specially prepared for them at the Pelion Retreat Centre.


Pelion retreat Centre Food


Culinary delights at Pelion Retreat Centre


Under the supervision and guidance of Diana Tedoldi, and the beneficial effect of Mount Pelion’s natural landscape, guests will have the opportunity to upgrade their perspectives in life and change the way they perceive themselves.

This holistic and life-changing experience will take place on the magical slopes of Mount Pelion. The programme will be hosted at the idyllic Pelion Retreat Centre amidst the lush mythical forest, described by the organisers as “the ideal location for people looking to release any psychological burdens caused by the stress of day-to-day urban life.


Forest Bathing & Nature Coaching in Pelion, Greece


Greece is an authentic paradise and Mount Pelion is the “hidden gem of the crown” adds Diana Tedoldi inviting experienced travelers (people and explorative citizens of the world) to gather at Mount Pelion and to experience her first-ever coaching seminar in Greece.

Pelion Retreat Centre drone shot

Pelion nature


Why Pelion..?

There are numerous ancient myths about Mount Pelion. It is located in central Greece and is a wonderful destination offering original natural attractions. Outstanding international media publications such as The Telegraph, National Geographic, and The Guardian love to promote the very essence of Pelion. At the same time, Pelion is considered a powerful source of pure and vital energy due to the fact that Mount Pelion’s grounds coincide with noteworthy natural attractions of all sorts. For, Mount Pelion is a mountainous peninsula in Thessaly framed by an unexpectedly rich and easily accessible natural landscape with rich vegetation, forests, and above all an incredibly inviting coastline with crystal clear waters and many picturesque beaches. In addition to that, local traditions and intangible cultural heritage combine with small friendly communities and intriguing natural landscapes. All these elements compose a fascinating setting for alternative activities and are ideal for those seeking self-consciousness and reconnecting with supreme spiritual values.


Nature Coaching in Pelion

Nature Coaching in Pelion


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