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Dreamy holidays at the most magical Villas in Pelion with sea views

Popular among the locals, yet largely unbeknownst to most people outside Greece, Pelion is a hidden gem: A year-round, holiday destination, with exotic beaches, forested hills perfect for hiking and mountain biking; clusters of charming, fairytale like, villages; a one of a kind ski center that overlooks the Aegean; and a great historical legacy, to boot!

Beat the seasonal blues at the most beautiful Villas in Pelion with expansive sea views

Amphitheatrically built at an altitude of 650 meters above Pagasitikos bay, Agios Giorgios Nilias, is undoubtedly one of the region’s, most picturesque- must-see- villages. It is also the privileged site of Pelion Homes: an exclusive collection of autonomous Villas in Pelion with sea views.

Indeed when we set about creating a fresh and original holiday hideout at this little slice of heaven on earth, our primary criterion of location selection was the property’s orientation; while, accordingly, architectural designs were defined by the imperative of the buildings enjoying a panoramic outlook towards the sea and the horizon stretching infinitely beyond.

This is in effect what makes Pelion Homes so special: Boasting an immediate, uninterrupted visual connection, seamlessly blending the surrounding mountains and the sea, these unique Villas in Pelion with sea views, are all about the feasting of the senses.

To get an idea, think of a landscape observatory or maybe an airport control tower. This is the kind of hawk-eye view we’re talking about.

Yet even pictures fail to do justice to Pelion Homes’ most glorious vistas. This why we thought it is best to let our guests’ comments about our Villas in Pelion with sea views, speak for themselves:

A sight for sore eyes at our Villas in Pelion with sea views

There are no words to describe the view. It is one of those rare occasions where no Instagram, Photoshop or $3000 SLR can really capture”, writes Paras in regards to Villa Alonaki. “The views are incredible-you can’t have enough of it”, respectively remarks Ilai; while Judish states: “The view from the verandah is stunning, it seems to be constantly changing.”

“The first impression was very positive. This was topped up when we saw the view. The view is a lot better than what it looks like in the photos”, claims Jason about Villa Selini. Similarly, Duncan recounts that it is “a great luxury villa with quality facilities and an unreal view of Pelion”; while Rob adds: “What a villa! Amazing accommodation. It’s that simple. Could spend hours sat in the hammock looking at over the bay”.

This is though but a small sample of our guests’ accounts. While Pelion Homes vary in terms of aesthetic, size and design to suit different party sizes and accommodation needs; all are harmoniously synced with the environment, with due respect to the local architecture and landscape. Praise is therefore neither limited to the aforementioned Selini and Alonaki villas, nor to the residences’ vantage positions and perspectives.

Besides, all of our Villas in Pelion with sea views, much more than your- stylish, yet down to earth- home away from home, are an innovative social and residential proposal; a cocooned community if you will; aiming to foster interpersonal communication and cultural exchange.

So apart from immaculate vistas and aesthetics, as well as state of the art amenities and services, our Villas in Pelion with sea views offer a plethora of novel travel experiences to their residents, including various creative seminars, off the beaten track excursions and yoga retreats.

We cordially invite you to come, sample our unique brand of hospitality and immerse yourselves in the unique, all senses experience of Pelion Homes!



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