Our philosophy and love, for cooking deliciously nutritious organic food.


Did you ever stop to think about how food is grown? The journey it might encounter before it arrives, from farm-to-table, where it’s beautifully presented and ready to be eaten?


We believe that contact with nature brings inner harmony and provides balance. Allowing us to understand and appreciate what the earth provides us with. 


Cultivating and cooking food for us is a great way to achieve intimate contact with nature. Good food is not just about perfect taste, but about how you feel after a meal, how it boosts and sustains your energy levels, or – to summarise – about the whole body-and-mind connection?


Pelion Homes nutritional food

Pelion organic food


‘Food for us is pure love – Our love of nature, and nature’s love for us. The way we feel towards ourselves and towards the people around us.’


These simple words sum up our philosophy of food. The central pillar on which we base the creation of every meal is nothing else stemmed from our connection with nature.


Pelion Organic Food


We are an international community that shares a passion for our environment, and we have taken a conscious decision to focus on living in harmony and balance within nature.


Located near Agios Georgios, Pelion. Our retreat centre and farm is hidden amidst acres of pristine forest. It blends in harmoniously within nature and offers spectacular views of the mountainside and coastline.


A place to reconnect and begin a life-changing journey!


Pelion Homes Greek Yoga Retreat center

Pelion Homes Retreat Center


Our food offering is about…


Organic, seasonal, homegrown, unpackaged, unprocessed and made with love.


We grow a large selection of plants, fruit trees, and vegetables including; local mountain tea, cherries, apples, peaches, dates, linden tea, berries, caledula, artichokes, seasonal vegetables and many more.


There is always a wonderful scent in the air from the wide range of aromatic and medicinal herbs growing on our farm. These herbs and plants provide us with vitamins, vital trace elements, fatty acids, and essential oils.


Permaculture in Pelion

Permaculture plants and herbs

Pelion Homes herbs


We cultivate all of our food produce completely organically. We pick everything on the same day that we prepare the food, so the ingredients contain the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes.


Permaculture natural foods

Permaculture, organic and healthy foods


We believe in the right balance between raw and cooked foods. Raw food contains all the energy the plant has obtained during the process of photosynthesis. Other foods need preparation – some can be sprouted and still eaten raw. Of course, dependent on the food, some are best cooked to be easily digested.


You will always find a wide range of colours on your plate when you dine with us. Each colour corresponds to one of the seven colours of the rainbow, and with one of the seven chakras, the energy centres of the human body.


Pelion Homes Blog

Pelion Organic Food



The optimal combination of raw food and food cooked in the right way nourish our bodies to the maximum extent and leave us energized, light-hearted and buoyant. It minimizes the stress created by the digestive system during the breakdown of food.


Healthy, organic, home-cooked food. From farm-to-table.


Food that will put a smile on your face!


An exclusive private dining experience…!


How about having our talented chef cook Marina preparing delicious fresh seafood and an array of Mediterranean dishes for you and your friends?


We can facilitate this request and will cater for an exclusive special dinner party and occasion. Whether a romantic meal for two or a family gathering! Enjoy our exclusive Private Dining experience with views overlooking the Pelion Mountainside and Pagasitikos Gulf. 

Menu is available on request.


Pelion Homes private dining experience

Pelion Homes dining experience

Pelion private dining experience

Pelion private dining experience.



To discover more about our private dining experience & organic food offering, please reach out one of our staff in Pelion Homes at info@pelionhomes.com

Discovering a Greek Yoga retreat paradise in Pelion, Greece.


Greece as a yoga and nature retreat destination has long been picked as a favourite destination in Europe. Offering a fantastic alternative over places such as; India, Asia and Bali. 


More recently, Pelion has caught the attention of savvy travellers and aspiring retreat teachers. Yogi’s searching for something a little more unique and special. An unmapped and un-touristic destination in comparison to other yoga hotspots.


As a Greek Yoga retreat destination it blossoms all four seasons of the year. Ideal for outdoor and nature enthusiasts looking to escape. The perfect place for history buffs to soak up archaeological sites. Or to simply relax in tranquility and undisturbed peace. 


A magical place with so much picturesque scenery. Famous for exceptional hospitality and delicious home cooked cuisine. Not to mention an abundance of pelion experiences on offer. The beaches surrounding the coastline are voted as some of the best in the world!


Pelion Homes Greek Yoga Retreat

Faskitra beach Pelion

Pelion Homes Yoga Retreat


Pelion Homes – Nature & Yoga Retreats


Pelion Homes has successfully been offering nature, yoga and wellness retreats in Greece for many years now. Located at the heart of the stunning Agios Georgios Nilias village. 


Recently founding a ‘new retreat center‘ in Pelion in the form of a Bedouin style tent. The concept led by Architect ‘Stathis Kataropolos’, brings something new and exciting to the region!


Set amidst acres of pristine forest, high up on the Pelion mountainside. The location was chosen to create a tranquil sanctuary. Surrounded by lush vegetation, rooted in an orchard with apple and cherry trees. The idyllic space is neatly hidden away. Offering mountain and sea views overlooking the Aegean sea. Blending in harmoniously within nature. A place to reconnect and begin a spiritual journey. 


Discover more about the new ‘Retreat Center here‘.


Pelion Homes Greek Yoga Retreat

Pelion Homes Greek Yoga Retreat center

Pelion Homes Yoga Retreat from above


The villas & food:


The villas are located within easy walking distance from the retreat space. Each being stylishly furnished throughout. Most are fitted out with hammocks and private pools. There are also organic vegetable gardens, guests are encouraged to try the homegrown goodies.


Villa Thaila Pelion Homes


When it comes to food, the menu is inspired by traditional cuisine, infused with a modern twist. The vegetarian dishes are organic and use locally sourced ingredients. Providing a delicious and wholesome variety of wonderful dishes. All detoxifying but guaranteed to make a guest smile and feel fully content. 


Pelion Homes Yoga Retreat Salad preparation

Pelion Homes Greek Yoga Retreat dinner

Pelion Homes Yoga Retreat dinner at night


What’s on offer at this unique Greek Yoga Retreat in Pelion?


  • A beautiful, idyllic atmosphere and environment for yoga and nature retreats.
  • Exclusive use of the beautiful yoga retreat center and bedouin style tent.
  • Use of the communal terrace for dining and gatherings. 
  • Bespoke group packages and tailored experiences.
  • Luxury & comfort. A range of Pelion stone built villas offering exceptional accommodation, private pools and gardens.
  • Panoramic sea and mountain views from the retreat center and villas. 
  • Fresh food and locally grown vegetables. Able to cater for dietary preferences.
  • Exclusive villa services to enhance an experience and stay. 


Pelion Homes Yoga Retreat Aloni Theatre

Pelion Homes Greek Yoga Retreat

Villa Selini Pelion Homes villa

Villa Selini Pelion Homes villa


For more information on nature & yoga retreats, please reach out to info@pelionhomes.com. The team are happy to connect & look forward to hearing from you.