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Pelion Homes and nature experiences

Nature-based experiences & Pelion Villa Rentals

We are located on the south slopes of Pelion mountain, overlooking the vast bay. 

Stunning sunsets over the sea for the aesthete, the nature lover and the spiritual seeker.

Close to pristine forests and spectacular beaches, choose your stay at a unique cozy and comfortable home.

Enjoy your stay on the mountain with south and west panoramic views to the sea.

Choose between a vacation break or with intention to connect yourself with nature. 

In a cozy and tranquil atmosphere, pause and observe at the surrounding nature.

Gaze at the horizon and witness magnificent skies, ever changing through the time of day and the various seasons.

Captivating sunsets for the romantic ones or energising for those in need of a creative stay.

Contemplate at the golden sun glitter on the surface of the sea.

Discover your inner child.

Hike, dance, move in nature and create authentic moments for your self.

Immerse in the tranquility and relaxed pace of the village and its surroundings.

Tap into the richness of local culture and nature.

Gaze at the shifting clouds in the horizon, within a backdrop of nature and balance your heart and mind.

Discover the hidden secrets of Pelion with us – Feel truly at home in a beautifully designed, rustic stone-built villa. Refresh your body and mind on a wellness retreat or a holistic workshop. Immerse deep in nature on a foraging adventure. Surprise your gastronomic senses with a personalised culinary experience.

Welcome to your Pelion paradise! It’s everything you dreamt of and more.


Mylopotamos beach Pelion


Indulge your senses in the tasteful bohemian decor and dreamy panoramic Pelion mountain & sea views.

Spacious stone-built homes and luxury villas in Pelion with pools, surrounded by scenic nature that will make your stay truly memorable and feel like home.



A unique and wonderful venue that you will fall in love with. Where you can breathe, unwind and relax whilst embarking upon a new and enlightening spiritual journey. A place where you will be submerged within nature and find your inner self.

Our bedouin style tent is the epicentre of educational and spiritual gatherings in Pelion, Greece.


Choose from a selection of expertly curated and tailor-made experiences in with Pelion Homes. Whatever your taste, pace or budget, we’ll be your personal guide and plan the perfect itinerary for your activity and Pelion adventure.


Stay connected & creative

Whether you’re a travel addict, a digital nomad or an entrepreneur working remotely and looking for a change of pace, Pelion Homes can provide an idyllic haven for your modern work and personal life balance in Pelion, Greece.


Discover the magical Pelion

We invite you to discover more about Pelion, through our curated stories, food recipes, personal experiences & adventures. We are waiting to share a glimpse of our everyday life on the mountainside with you all.


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